Nvidia RTX 4070 release date allegedly leaked

Joel Loynds
rtx 4070 leak

Nvidia’s latest graphics card, the RTX 4070, is rumored to be announced at GTC 2023 next week. A new leak suggests that the upcoming GPU will be released on April 13.

With an upcoming Nvidia GPU Technology Conference event, or GTC, happening next week, it appears a big announcement may have already been leaked beforehand.

The next RTX 40-series GPU, the RTX 4070 has had its release date allegedly leaked. It’s now alleged that the RTX 4070 will launch on April 13, 2023. We suspect that Nvidia was planning to announce the GPU at their upcoming GTC keynote. However, reliable leaker Hongxing2020 suggests that the graphics card will be released in early April.

RTX 4070 leaked specifications

GPUNvidia RTX 4070 (Unconfirmed)Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti Nvidia RTX 4080Nvidia RTX 4090
CUDA cores58887680972816384

Nvidia’s RTX 4070 isn’t exactly a well-kept secret, with other leaks involving the actual die onboard the card itself. According to various insiders from the last few months, the chip onboard the 4070 will feature a significant cut to the number of cores (5888 vs 7680 on the 4070 Ti). It’s also rumored that the GPU will feature a lower TDP, coming in at 200W, rather than the Ti’s 285W.

The 4070 is still expected to come in a 12GB version, but due to the cut cores, would still be weaker than its Ti counterpart overall.

Nvidia goes all in on the RTX 40-series

Nvidia recently began culling their store of any 30-series Founders Edition GPUs, indicating that they’re ready to begin committing entirely to the 40-series. However, there’s one last twist in the making, as a new version of the 3060 is suspected to launch soon.

It’s not yet known if Nvidia will begin discussing desktop versions of the RTX 4060 cards, even though the GPU’s laptop version has begun cropping up in systems.

The GTC conference should feature presentations about the latest news on the 4070, as well as any new features coming to the 40-series GPUs. At the Games Developer Conference, also taking place at the same time, competitor AMD will begin talking about new updates to their GPU lineup. This will include FSR 3, AMD’s version of supersampling.