RTX 40-Series Super specs leak & it might be exactly what Nvidia needs

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Nvidia’s RTX 40-Series Super GPU specifications have leaked. The RTX 4080 Super, 4070 Ti Super, and 4070 Super have all had their specs leaked, and all of the GPUs are poised to improve performance compared to predecessors.

Nvidia’s newest graphics cards may be taking a leaf from the company’s 20-series playbook with an additional RTX 40-series Super refresh. The GPUs are rumored to be competitively priced and seek to replace the standard variants of the GPUs eventually. Right now, an RTX 4080 Super, 4070 Ti Super, and 4070 Super are rumored.

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Now, stalwart leaker Kopite7Kimi has also entered the ring, revealing what they believe to be leaked specifications for the graphics cards. Just bear in mind that these GPUs are not confirmed, and as such, not confirmed. The leaker themself also stated “I still doubt with them, especially the Ti Super, I cannot fully agree”, in the social media post.

RTX 40-series Super specifications leak

rtx 4080 super mock up
RTX 4080 SuperRTX 4070 Ti SuperRTX 4070 Super
ChipAD103-400AD102-175 / AD102-275AD104-350 / AD103-175
CUDA cores1024084487168

The leaked specifications of the graphics cards point to an exciting gap-closer for Nvidia, especially with the RTX 4080 Super, which looks to close the gulf in specifications from the standard RTX 4080 to the RTX 4090.

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Secondly, the RTX 4070 Ti Super and 4070 Super might use one of two chips, with additional rumors that suggest the company might utilize chip mixing. This is essentially where the company could use two chips to classify an “RTX 4070 Ti Super” or standard 4070 Super if the chip’s performance allows it to pass certification.

Chip binning is nothing too new, but it might be the start of a new trend for Nvidia. Of course, this also leads to concerns that two GPUs of the same name might also have wildly different performance. Since these are preliminary leaks, be sure to take this with heaps of salt, as everything is subject to change before Team Green chooses to announce the new slate of graphics cards.

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