Nvidia rumor claims we could see an RTX 4080 & 4070 Super

RTX 4070 next to RTX 4080Dexerto

A new leak claims that Nvidia might be working on an RTX 4080 Super, 4070 Ti Super and 4070 Super. This correlates with rumors that a 40-series refresh will launch next year.

The Nvidia rumor mill never stays silent for too long, with leaker Hongxing2020 claiming that Team Green will release three RTX 40-series SUPER refresh graphics cards in the future. However, the graphics cards are only being considered for production, with no further details about the GPUs set in stone quite yet.

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The three GPUs chosen for a refresh is the previously rumored RTX 4080 Super, which was initially leaked by Zed Wang, claiming that the GPU will be based on AD102 and arrive at the same price as the RTX 4080.

Following this logic, you should expect the other two rumored GPUs, the RTX 4070 Ti Super to use AD103 and an RTX 4070 Super to use a beefed-up AD104. This latest leak only states that the graphics cards are in consideration for production, with the release date simply being listed as “TBD”.

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If the rumor is true, then we’d expect that the Super variants of each GPU will replace their non-Super counterparts outright, which is what the company did when refreshing the RTX 20-series graphics cards.

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The first “Ti Super” GPU from Nvidia

RTX 4070 founders edition on white backgroundDexerto

An RTX 4070 Ti Super would be the first time that Nvidia refreshes a Ti model with the Super branding, should the rumor prove to be true. One aspect of the rumors that has not been clarified is the amount of VRAM each SKU will receive. We expect that the figure will be bumped higher than their non-Super counterparts, but this all remains to be seen.

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We expect that a SUPER refresh for the graphics cards will land at some point in 2024, but like the (now debunked) RTX 4090 Ti rumors, be sure to take it all with a pinch of salt until the leaks build-up, or Nvidia confirms the refresh themselves.

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