Nvidia RTX 4070 sample pictured in latest leak of upcoming GPU

Sayem Ahmed
An RTX 3070 in space

Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 4070 has finally been photographed, and it looks like the die is approaching release quickly.

The RTX 4070, expected for release in April 2023, has finally been snapped. The appropriately-named MEGAsizeGPU leaked the image of the GPU. The snap-in question is not of the fully-assembled graphics card, but of a GPU die in what appears to be a QA sample.

In the image, we see that the graphics card will indeed be using a cut-down version of the RTX 40-series AD104-250 chip. We’ve previously seen AD104-400 crop up in the RTX 4070 Ti, too, so you should expect slightly slower performance.


One thing to note is the numbering on the GPU itself, on the image, we see the code 2248A1, indicating that this GPU was manufactured in the 48th week of 2022, so sometime around November. If Nvidia was testing the GPU for mass production around this time, then it is a good bet that the GPU is currently in, or about to be in mass production.

From here on out, you should expect further leaks of the RTX 4070, as it approaches official release alongside the official stack, which currently consists of the RTX 4070 Ti, the RTX 4080, and RTX 4090 respectively.

We’re still not too sure if the RTX 4060 Ti will be released around the same time, as we have no further concrete information as to whether or not the graphics card will be released alongside its bigger brother.

We currently anticipate that the RTX 4070 will be priced around the same range as the current RTX 3080, at around $699. However, this is not set in stone, as is only our estimates. This would indicate a $200 jump in pricing when compared to the RTX 3070’s killer $499 price point, which is what made that GPU so popular.

Sadly, for budget-conscious gamers, it appears that new GPUs will be more expensive than ever before, so don’t hold your breath for a GPU priced at $499 until around the RTX 4060’s release.

We’ll be sure to drop you all of the details for the RTX 4070 as we hear more, but it’s surely nearing finalization and a potential announcement at GTC in March.