Nvidia quietly retires RTX 30-series Founders Edition GPUs

andy from toy story throwing away an nvidia founders edition card

Nvidia has started to remove the Founders Edition versions 30-series from its roster of cards available on the site, indicating a final goodbye.

With the launch of the RTX 40-series GPUs, Nvidia has begun to remove its RTX 30-series Founders Edition hardware from its store. Both US and French sites can no longer order the Nvidia-made RTX 30-series, featuring those gorgeous metal coolers.

The company has previously retired older Founders Edition cards before, so this isn’t too unexpected, given that the GPUs are now several years old.

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The Founders Edition cards allow Nvidia to release the GPUs at MSRP pricing, something that few brand-new graphics cards have the privilege of enjoying. Going third-party often ends up meaning that you’ll pay more for the same GPU.

With the retirement of the Founders Edition cards, it doesn’t mean that Nvidia is entirely done with the 30-series just yet. We recently reported that the RTX 3060 is getting a new die to power it. The company is still featuring the 30-series cards alongside its newer 40-series in a bid to sell through excess stock.

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The consumer response to the RTX 40-series GPUs have not been all sunshine and rainbows. The newer GPUs are much more expensive, even though the power may warrant it. In particular, the RTX 4070 Ti seemed particularly out of place.

Nvidia says goodbye to the RTX 30-series

A render of the RTX 3080 Ti graphics cardNvidia

However, the removal could also indicate that Nvidia is all but done with the cards for now, outside of a few errant products. However, you might still be able to find plenty of third-party RTX 30-series GPUs in stock at your local store.

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Launched in 2020, the RTX 30-series were quickly swallowed up by cryptocurrency miners, with prices soaring to exorbitant levels. The cards were – and still are – sought after due to their exceptional performance and value.

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