How to connect a PS4 controller to a PC

Joel Loynds
PS4 controller with a PC

Want to know how to connect a PS4 controller to your PC? Don’t worry. There are multiple ways to get it done, and we detail them all right here.

The PS4 controller is still one of the most popular gaming controllers among enthusiasts thanks to its form factor and integrated gyro; it’s a reliable peripheral that can pretty much do it all. As PC and console gaming continues to blend, it’s no surprise to see games supporting the controller on both platforms.

However, getting your PS4 controller to play nice with older titles or even Game Pass PC games can be a bit of a hassle. On the other hand, platforms like Steam and some games from the Epic Games Store can translate the PS4’s inputs to your game without any extra software.

This isn’t foolproof, so we’ll explore some tried-and-true methods so you can use your controller on PC.

Pairing the PS4 controller over Bluetooth

Ensure you have a Bluetooth dongle, or built-in Bluetooth before you do this. Go to your Bluetooth settings via Start > Settings > Bluetooth & devices. Also, ensure that you’re currently discoverable by Bluetooth.

In the list of devices, keep an eye on the PS4 controller appearing under ‘PlayStation 4 controller’.

Press the share and PS button until the backlight starts flashing. Your controller should now be in pairing mode. Go back to the Windows settings and connect the device together.

Using a wired PlayStation 4 controller on a PC

This is actually much simpler. If you’re playing via Steam, the software should pick it up for you automatically. You’ll need a micro USB cable to do this.

If you’re not getting any response from your game after connecting it, you might need to convert the signal to XInput. The PS4 uses DirectInput, which some games don’t read. For this, we’ll need to use DS4Windows.

How to play Game Pass PC games with PlayStation 4 controller

Using DS4Windows will let you play pretty much any game on your PC with your PS4 controller. It takes the DirectInput, and then converts it to the correct XInput.

To download DS4Windows, just head to their site, and follow the installation instructions. After this, you can remap the controller to how you see fit, or even just use it as the default.

X becomes A, Square is X, that sort of thing. It’ll also let you connect wirelessly over Bluetooth and track your battery.

You can also see how to connect your DualSense PS5 controller to the PC.

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