How to check AirPods battery level on iOS & Android

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For people constantly on the go, keeping a tab on your AirPods’ battery level is extremely important. We will tell you how to check your AirPods battery using your iOS or Android phone.

Checking the battery level of your AirPods isn’t a tricky task reserved for tech nerds. It’s a simple trick that’s incredibly easy to use, something that manufacturer Apple aims for.

It doesn’t matter if you’re rocking the original AirPods, the Pro model, or the Max headphones. AirPods are among the best wireless earbuds. Though, like any other portable gadget, they have a limited battery life, and the carrying case needs to be charged frequently.

So, get ready to master the art of checking your AirPods’ battery level on both iOS and Android devices with this easy-to-follow guide. Stay tuned; your wireless freedom is about get a lot less stressful.

How to check AirPods battery levels on iPhone

On iPhone, this is the easiest. Once you’ve connected your AirPods, you can create a battery widget to either be hidden on the widgets screen or displayed amongst your apps on the home screen.

You can choose multiple levels of information, from one square to a full list of devices.

Another way to check this while in a game, for instance, you can swipe down from the very right-hand corner to bring down the Control Center. Then tap the little audio beacon. It’ll bring up all the devices you can listen to your music on, but also, give you vital information as to your AirPods battery levels.

How to check Apple AirPods battery levels on Android

As Apple has built the AirPods to function just like any other Bluetooth earpiece, there are no special requirements to check on Android. Android should give you some indication as to where your battery is when you check your Bluetooth devices. However, not all Android phones are built the same.

Luckily, there are a few apps to help work around this. A recommendation would be to use AirBattery. This app attempts to mimic the functionality of iOS, by displaying them within their own little window.

The AirBattery app requires you to allow it to be seen over other open apps. Once you grant that permission and follow the on-screen instructions, you’ll be able to see the battery status of your AirPods and charger whenever you open the egg with them still in.

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