Can you use a PS4 controller on PS5?

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Whatever the scenario or predicament, there may come a time when you want to know if one of your PS4 controllers gathering dust could still be used with your shiny PlayStation 5 console.

Off the top of our head, we’re thinking: maybe you’ve died to an Elden Ring boss one too many times and your controller was sent careening into a wall, and died. Or perhaps you’ve got a friend over and want to enjoy some FIFA with a pal, but you only have one pad.

Whatever the case, if you’ve upgraded to a PS5 and have a PS4 controller lying around somewhere, then it might save you a buck to use that instead of an expensive PS5 pad. The question is, can you?

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Is a PS4 controller a viable option for the PS5?

The official answer is yes, but it does have one big shortcoming that restricts its eligibility.

A PS4 controller can be used on PS5, but it can only be used in conjunction with PS4 games on the PS5. If you have a PS5 disc inserted, and you’re trying to use a PS4 controller, then it simply won’t work, you’ll need the PS5 DualSense.

For context, you’ll know it hasn’t worked as the PS5 will generate the following message: “Can’t use the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller to play PS5 games.”

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If you want to buddy up with a PS4 copy of FIFA 22 on the PS5? Go right ahead with your PS4 controllers.

How to connect and use a PS4 controller with a PS5

If you do have a PS4 game you want to play on your PlayStation 5 console, then we’ve outlined a simple process that you’ll need to do.

This is our step-by-step guide for a nice and easy wireless connection:

  1. Start up your PS5
  2. From the home menu, head to ‘Settings,’ then ‘General,’ and finally ‘Bluetooth Accessories’
  3. Now it’s time to put your DualShock 4 into ‘Pairing mode’
  4. Press and hold the PS4 controller’s Share button and PlayStation button until the light on the top of the controller starts to flash
  5. Look at your TV for ‘DualShock 4’ appearing as a Bluetooth devices
  6. Select it with your PS5 controller and press X
  7. The PS4 controller should now be paired with the PS5
  8. You can now play PS4 games on your PS5 with a PS4 controller

Hopefully, this has been useful for you and given you some insight as to the possibilities with your old PS4 controllers that may have previously seemed redundant.