How to make Mac dark mode: macOS theme swap

dark mode mac

Save your eyes while you use your Mac, by switching to the dark mode. It is a fantastic way to not only make things easy to read but is built into some backgrounds too.

If you’re on macOS and have been using it since 2014, you’ll already know that Dark Mode has been included for quite some time. It’s also super easy to change over to if you’re coming to macOS without having set it beforehand.

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The nice thing about macOS is that it’ll change the modes for you throughout the day if you allow it to. Using the ‘Auto’ mode will tie it in with some specific backgrounds, allowing for a scenic view to gradually alter over the course of the day to match your clock.

However, for those of us who prefer to just have it permanently dark, you can just choose that.

How to enable dark mode on Mac

Getting it is incredibly easy with the quick search tool. Simply hit CMD + Spacebar to bring it up and type in ‘Dark Mode’. This will then take you straight to the general options where it sits on top.

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This is pretty much it. See, far too easy. You will now have changed over to dark mode set across your whole system.

If you can’t get it to come up with the quick search method, hit the Apple icon in the corner and choose System Preferences. This will take you to the settings app, where you can choose ‘General’ and then move on.

To get the backgrounds that change color throughout the day, follow the same method as above, but head into ‘Desktop & Screensaver’. Here, choose a Dynamic Desktop and if you have it set to auto, it’ll alter the appearance to match the time of day.

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