How to connect a PS5 Dualsense controller to PC

A Dualsense PS5 controller next to a PCDexerto

Wondering how to get your PS5 Dualsense Controller recognized on your PC? Well, it’s more simple than you might think.

The PlayStation 5’s Dualsense controller has some snazzy features in its triggers. Some titles even let you use the Dualsense’s triggers on PC, so to take full advantage of this, you’re going to need to connect your PS5 controller to PC.

Luckily, the process is pretty simple, and there are a couple of different avenues that you can go down. If you can’t be bothered with the faff, then check out how some of the best PC controllers around. It’s also likely that you will be able to repeat these steps for the Dualsense Edge controller.

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Connect the PS5 Dualsense controller to PC via USB

Dualsense edge controllerGamescom2022/Sony

The first method is the simplest of them all, to hook the Dualsense up to your PC, all you are really going to need to do is to plug the controller in via USB-C. Any old cable should work, including USB-C to USB-A and USB-C to USB-C.

After a moment, Microsoft Windows will pick up the controller, and soon the controller will be ready to use on your PC, fancy triggers and all.

But, if you don’t fancy having a cable dangling around afterward, you can instead connect the PS5 Dualsense controller to PC wirelessly.

Connect the PS5 Dualsense controller to PC via Bluetooth

The Bluetooth connection screen on WindowsDexerto

Head over to your search bar and type “Devices” in which a menu should pop up, in Windows 10, it’s named Bluetooth & Devices, and in Windows 11, it’s just called Devices.

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From here, all you need to do is select “Add device”, which is denoted by a plus sign or similar, from the dropdown, select “Bluetooth”.

Now, take your Dualsense controller and hold the Share and PlayStation buttons down until you see lights flash around your touchpad.

Then, you should find that the controller gets recognized as a “Wireless Controller”, so, not the usual Dualsense denotation.

Set up the PS5 Dualsense controller on Steam

In order to set up your PS5 Dualsense controller on Steam, it’s a relatively simple process. All you need to do first is open Steam. Then, press the Steam button and head to “Settings”, from here, select the “Controller” tab. Then, you should see a setting named “General Controller Settings”, where you will be able to select “PlayStation Configuration Support”, if you can’t see this normally, you should be able to see it by booting up Steam in Big Picture Mode.

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Once you’re back ingame, you can then press the Playstation Button to configure the profile for whatever title you might be playing on Steam.

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