How to cancel subscriptions on iPhone & iPad

Joel Loynds
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Looking to cancel a subscription on your iPhone or iPad? It’s a good idea. It’s healthy for your wallet – especially if the service has lost value or you don’t use it. Here’s how you can cancel all your useless subscriptions with ease.

Subscribing for a service using your iPhone or iPad is very easy. After all, that’s the whole point of an intuitive interface of an app. It is also easier on your pocket to get a monthly subscription to your favorite streaming platform, or paying for a service monthly, rather than paying upfront for the entire year.

Companies are all piling in on the transaction action, Twitter is charging for verification, Amazon has a Prime subscription, there’s Netflix, Hulu, Uber, and a lot more. Right from shopping to social media to platforms for binge-watching – the list of such services is virtually endless.

However, this also means that, more often than not, you end up signing up for more services or platforms than you require and end up paying hundreds of dollars that you should not. 

The easiest way to cut down some needless expenses is by cancelling the subscriptions you’re not likely to use. 

How to unsubscribe on iPhone and iPad

Tap this and you’ll be brought to a list of the subscriptions that you’ve purchased. For example, on ours, we want to cancel the Shonen Jump subscription. Tap the one you want to unsubscribe from and then wait for a second while the device brings up the confirmation button. Hit confirm and you’ll be able to access the subscription’s content until the next payment cycle begins.

Cancel Apple One subscriptions

If you want to cancel or change your Apple One purchase, this is where you’ll do it as well. It’s a little bit more involved than the rest of the services you’ll find here, as you can alter the services you have access to. Canceling is as simple as the rest of them, but if you have a family plan, remember to let them know before you cancel everything.

Other apps

Apps that you don’t get prompted with to subscribe through Apple’s own service directly on the phone or iPad won’t be located here. This includes Netflix, Adobe, Amazon, and other popular ones. You’ll need to go through their own apps and websites to unsubscribe properly.

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