iPhone 15: Rumored specifications, price & more

iphone 15, everything you need to know

Wondering about Apple’s next phone, the iPhone 15? Well, we’re not only here to speculate, but lay out all the rumors surrounding it.

With each passing year, it seems like Apple’s iPhone will at some point plateau. However, we appear to be out of that and into a new, fresh era for the device. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max brought with it a new design, while every iteration brings us better cameras, better features and a host of updates you might not really think about.

iPhone 15 rumored specifications

First, there are the rumored specs. These details come from a variety of sources, but mostly from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and factories accidentally letting slip some details. What we know right now is that the device should be coming in a 6.1 and 6.7-inch size.

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Due to the ongoing laws in Europe (as well as the annoyance of users), Apple will presumably be dropping the Lightning port requirement. Apple’s proprietary connection has come under fire since almost everyone has moved to USB-C.

The EU has ordered Apple that it will have to change the connection or face a hefty fine, and Apple, not one to go down without a fight has lost this one.

Lightning cables were introduced back in 2012, replacing the classic large 30-pin connector found on early iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

Dynamic Islands

There’s also a very good chance that the new introduction of the Dynamic Island, found on the 14 Pro and Pro Max phones, will now be on each individual device launching this year.

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Dynamic Island is Apple’s solution for removing the notch that was introduced on the iPhone X. While still larger than the competitors, the space is used for quick access to settings for certain apps.

New silicon

Though, what about the guts? Will we see a proper upgrade this time around? Well, rumors indicate that the A17 chip for the Pro models won’t be found on the regular models. The iPhone 15 (and presumed Plus variation) will feature the A16 found in the 14 Pro line.

While not terrible, it seems Apple is trying to make the distinction between the lineups much greater than it did with the 11 and 12.

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Rather than sharing one chip across all devices and spacing them out by camera and LIDAR abilities, Apple appears to be making the Pro use a much bigger jump in power to ensure its Pro status isn’t questioned.

What’s more, the iPhone 15 Pro will probably feature a new 3nm chip, which Apple has tasked TSCM with developing. The smaller the nanometer, the more they cram onto the overall CPU.

Apple insider Mark Gurman has indicated that Apple intends to use the Ultra naming convention introduced with the Apple Watch and M1 chip.

Making a distinction

Presumably, this will be to further the distinction between the devices, as Apple has seen a small slump in sales between the iPhone 13 and 14. By introducing a true gap in just naming, it should convince the general public to begin purchasing devices based on their needs.

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Leaker ShrimpApplePro has said that the 15 Pro and Ultra would thin out the bezels too, but the whole lineup will keep the flat look found on current Apple devices.


We reported earlier in January that LG is developing a new zoom lens for phones. LG recently bowed out of the manufacturing of its own branded phones but continues to make components for other companies.

As Apple intends to introduce a ‘periscope’ camera that could reach up to 10x optical zoom, it’s safe to assume that the partnership between the companies will continue. LG currently supplies Apple’s front-facing camera for the iPhone 14.

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A 10x optical zoom would further put the iPhone closer to regular mirrorless cameras, which often don’t come with any digital zoom and rely on the lens itself. This ensures quality is maintained as far as the camera sensor can see through the glass.

This would presumably also require Apple to upgrade their lighting technology on the device, as the more zoom-in you go, the more likely the camera will need light to come in.

Apple will also probably continue to use Sony sensors underneath the LG module.

However, some are speculating that the periscope lens will only arrive on the Ultra models, again, furthering the distinction between each model.

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When will the iPhone 15 launch?

You can expect the iPhone 15, along with the Pro and Ultra counterparts to launch in September 2023. The iPhone 14 launched towards the end of September 2022, with most shipments being fulfilled in October 2022.

Apple usually hosts and launches their devices quite close to each other, with September typically becoming the mainstay of the year for the company.

How much will it cost?

We expect that the iPhone 15 will start around the same price as the current iPhone 14, at $799, with the Pro model at around $1000.