Hunter x Hunter announces indefinite hiatus again but fans aren’t surprised

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After having come back from hiatus only two months ago, Hunter x Hunter has announced another indefinite hiatus, and of course, the community isn’t surprised one bit.

After a three-month-long hiatus, the Hunter x Hunter manga returned to publication in October. During this time, the author released nine total chapters. These were chapters 391 to 399, with the latest having debuted around mid-December, with two more chapters set to drop in the near future.

But a piece of news revealed by the Shonen Jump weekly Editorial Department confirmed the worst. The original print was in Japanese, but a fan on Twitter did the honors of translating the announcement.

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The post began by thanking readers of the series. But for “Chapters 401 and after, [they] have discussed with Togashi about his health condition, and as a result, [they] have decided to publish Hunter x Hunter in a format other than a weekly serialization.

“Togashi-sensei will continue to write the following chapters, and the editorial department will continue to support him until the completion of the manga. Specific publication dates and methods will be announced in future issues of Weekly Shonen Jump.”

Long story short, the pacing of the Hunter x Hunter manga will slow down once again, and there is no set schedule for the next release. It may be months, it may be years, but the manga is taking yet another hiatus until further notice.

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Twitter: kiki
Twitter users created meme reactions to the hiatus news.

Fans are not surprised whatsoever at the news, however, given history of such delays in the series. Some poked fun at the situation, as they’ve grown quite accustomed to the pacing of the series releases. Others are glad they’re planning around Togashi.

“The real ones know this is the most optimistic hiatus news I’ve ever seen,” one user commented under the post.

“I think this is the first confirmation that Yoshihiro Togashi does indeed plan to finish the story at least,” another fan stated in response to the news.

For those unaware, being a mangaka is incredibly painstaking work, requiring strong mental and physical fortitude. These creators sit still for almost the entire day writing and drawing, which results in high levels of stress and toll on the body. Yoshihiro Togashi himself has severe back pains, likely leading to this latest round of delays.

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We’ll be sure to update you here once we know more about the return of Hunter x Hunter.