Anime streaming price hike has fans canceling subscriptions

Jeremy Gan

HIDIVE’s subscription prices are set to increase and fans are canceling their plans in droves as the price of Anime streaming continues to soar. 

When Crunchyroll and Funimation merged, not only did digital copies disappear, but legacy subscribers of the latter saw themselves faced with a massive price hike as the two became one. 

And in a growing trend in the anime streaming world, one of Crunchyroll’s biggest competitors, HIDIVE, is also set to increase its prices much to the disappointment of users. 

As first revealed in an email to subscribers, HIDIVE announced the increase of their subscription plans were increasing by a dollar each month. 

“We wanted to let you know about upcoming changes to your subscription. In order to continue delivering the best dubs, sub, simulcasts, uncut anime, and more, we are changing the price of HIDIVE subscriptions,” the email read. 

“As an existing subscriber, your new rate of $5.99/month (plus applicable taxes) will be reflected on your next billing cycle on or after April 29, 2024.” 

Despite the price increase not being the biggest hike users have been faced with in the history of anime streaming, it’s enough of an increase that several users are questioning if they should continue to use the platform amid HIDIVE’s problems. 

“So not only is the service worse after the recent update, but they’re raising prices too?” a commenter said about the price increases and a recent overhaul to the website HIDIVE recently got.

“Bad alpha site with missing features, with only three new shows next season how can you possibly justify a price increase now when your service is giving the lease it ever has?” another unhappy user wrote. 

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