All Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 villains: Venom, Kraven, more

an image of Kraven the Hunter and Venom in Spider-Man 2Insomniac Games

The long-awaited Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is finally here and there are plenty of dangerous villains for you to battle in the sequel. Here’s a full list of all the foes you can expect to fight in the game.

The Spider-Man franchise from Marvel features some of the most iconic comic book villains of all time. There are a ton of enemies that Spidey’s called an equal in his past and anytime he shows up, who he’s up against is generally equally intriguing. It’s no different for the upcoming sequel from Insomniac Games, giving fans the chance to fight a ton of his rogue’s gallery head-to-head.

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As we’ve seen in trailers for Summer Games Fest and during the SDCC panel, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (check our review here) is going to be bursting with bad guys for Peter Parker to go up against. There are at least three major villains and multiple smaller ones confirmed to appear throughout the game‘s story.

Here’s a rundown of all the villains confirmed for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Every Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 villain confirmed so far


an image of Venom from Spider-Man 2Insomniac Games
Venom is one of the main villains in the game.

The first villain to be confirmed when Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was announced was Venom. He appeared at the end of the first official teaser trailer, appearing from a dark alley right after the scene between Peter and Miles.

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However, Eddie Brock will not be the Venom in this game, as revealed by creative director Bryan Intihar at the Summer Games Fest. Instead, it’s been heavily implied that Harry Osborne will be taking on the symbiote as a host, bringing the game inline with the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.

Kraven the Hunter

an image of Kraven The Hunter in Spider-Man 2Insomniac Games
Kraven is another primary antagonist in Spider-Man 2.

We got a proper reveal of Kraven the Hunter from the ten-minute-long gameplay footage during the PlayStation Showcase 2023. He arrived in New York with a mission to take down many of the various threats throughout the city, such as Spider-Man himself and Kurt Connors, aka the Lizard.

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He was seen multiple times throughout the footage and we can fairly say that he’ll be one of the primary antagonists in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.


Spider-Man housing crisisInsomniac Games
There is a sequence between Lizard and Miles Morales.

Insomniac Games appears to be being coy about showing off the Lizard in his entirety in the glimpses we’ve had. However, what we can see is that in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, he has had a pretty fearsome makeover, full of spikes. We’re quite far from the smooth-faced bad guy in The Amazing Spider-man

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He was first revealed in the extended gameplay footage shown during the PlayStation Showcase, where we could see him being chased by Kraven the Hunter, while Peter Parker and Miles Morales tried to stop him.


a screenshot of Grizzly in Spider-Man 2Insomniac Games
Grizzly is another iconic Spider-Man villain.

The first time fans got to see Grizzly, another villain in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, was in a story trailer from SDCC released on July 21, 2023. We got a very brief glimpse of him during a fighting sequence with Peter. It looks like he might be a bit of a mercenary and is far more menacing than his comic book version where he just wears a bit bear costume.

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Mr. Negative

a screenshot of Mr. Negative in Spider-Man 2Insomniac Games
One of the antagonists in the prequel, Mr. Negative.

Mr. Negative had a blink and you’ll miss it cameo in the story trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Martin Li played a significant role in the story of 2018’s Spider-Man game, but it’s yet to be seen how he fits into the sequel.


an image of Sandman from Marvel's Spider-Man 2Insomniac Games

Another villain we got to witness from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launch trailer on October 15, 2023, is none other than Sandman. Previously, we have seen his movie adaptions, and from the image above, we can expect him to be equally challenging for Peter and Miles.

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Other villains that could appear in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Some other villains that could appear in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 include:

  • Black Cat
  • Prowler
  • Scorpion
  • Taskmaster
  • Tombstone
  • Wraith

We were able to see hints towards some of these villains mentioned above during the ten-minute-long gameplay reveal at PlayStation Showcase 2023. Kraven’s tablet had some of their names mentioned, showing who he was planning to hunt down.

As for the other characters, we got to see them in the previous installments of the franchise. However, we’ll know with time if they actually show their presence in the game.

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So, there you have it — those are all the villains appearing in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Be sure to check our Spider-Man page for everything related to the superhero. For more content, on the game, check out ouir guides below:

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