April 17th best new comics: Nightwing #113, Fall of the House of X #4, & more

Christopher Baggett
Superman, Nightwing, and X-Men key art

It’s a huge week for DC with the 300th issue of Nightwing while the X-Men prepare to make their final stand in the best new comics releasing on April 17th. 

There’s a pretty big week for comics ahead, as Nightwing celebrates a major milestone and the X-Men prepare to make their final stand. There are a lot of ongoing stories here that are preparing to crescendo, so there’s no better time to catch up than now!

With that being said, these are the best new comics releasing the week of April 17th, 2024. You can find your local comic shop at Comic Shop Locator or purchase digital copies via the storefronts linked below. 


Nightwing #113

Nightwing #113 cover art
Nightwing #113 celebrates 300 issues of the former Robin’s superhero adventures.

What it’s about: LANDMARK 300TH ISSUE! Since the 1940’s, you’ve seen him go from acrobat to orphan; from Dick Grayson to Robin; from Robin to Nightwing. You’ve seen him work alongside the universe’s most powerful heroes, against existence’s most sinister villains. You have seen Dick Grayson do so many things, but now, in his 300th issue, you will see him… well, you’ll just have to pick up the issue and find out. Join us for this legacy 300 milestone!

What we think: Nightwing has always been one of my favorite DC heroes, but I first became really attached to the character during the legendary days of Chuck Dixon and Scott McDaniel. Considering the road it took to get here, 300 issues seems like a fever dream. As a longtime fan, it’s so great to see Dick get his flowers as not just a fan-favorite in a long-running series but as one of the preeminent figures in the DC Universe. A lot of this will likely be dedicated to the set-up for next month’s Fallen Grayson storyline, but I’m really excited for the celebration this issue promises. 

Superman #13

Superman #13
Superman and Lobo come face-to-face in the second part of House of Brainiac.

What it’s about: Superman and Lobo… team-up? Together, the Man of Steel and the Main Man race across the universe on a hunt for the Lobo Army and Brainiac. Can they get along long enough to get to them before Brainiac enacts the next stage of his dangerous plans to create a new House of Brainiac?!

What we think: The first part of House of Brainiac was a very pleasant surprise, pitting the Man of Steel against the forces of Brainiac and an army of Lobo clones. If that’s not enough to pique your interest, then that final shot of every prior incarnation of Brainiac definitely heralds something ghoulish coming. This week sees the original main man, Lobo himself, return to the forefront, hopefully hearkening back to some of the fun that was had with the character during the Justice League of America or Lobo and Crush runs. 

Fall of the House of X #4

Fall of the House of X #4 cover art
With Sentinel City rising, the X-Men prepare to make their last stand for the fate of all mutants in Fall of the House of X #4.

What it’s about: MY ALLY, MY ENEMY! They say a wounded animal can be the most dangerous kind of animal to face. As the fight between the mutants and Orchis reaches a deadly pitch, a startling revelation rocks the X-Men to their core. The two series that are one come together in one horrible betrayal as the Krakoan Age nears its conclusion!

What we think: The future of X-Men is starting to take shape as Marvel reveals more From the Ashes. We know things will not necessarily be rosy for mutants, with several fleeing to New York while Cyclops forms a mutant strike team in Alaska. The penultimate issue of Fall of the House of X is sure to shine a light on the grim fate that awaits mutants, especially now that we know of a rising city of sentinels. 

Wonder Woman #8

Wonder Woman #8
Woman Woman #8 sees Diana captured by the Sovereign and under the influence of the Lasso of Lies.

What it’s about: THE AMAZON WARRIOR VS. THE SOVEREIGN! Wonder Woman vs. The Sovereign! After being captured by a team of villains, Diana finds herself at the mercy of the scariest of them all. Unbe­knownst to our hero, the Sovereign has been pulling her strings since the very beginning of our tale, and now it’s time for her to see the world his way as she falls under the influence of the Lasso of Lies! Plus, Trinity visits the past and unexpectedly changes the future!

What we think: While the one-off side story of Wonder Woman and Superman in a galactic mall was a treat, I’m thrilled we’re getting back to the main story. Wonder Woman #6 featured an epic brawl between Diana and her toughest villains that may have been one of the best comics I’ve ever read. This series has been quietly humming along and is getting nowhere near the acclaim it deserves; anyone with even a passing interest in Wonder Woman really needs to be picking this one up now. 

The Spectacular Spider-Men #2

Spectacular Spider-Men #2 cover art
Spectacular Spider-Men #2 sees Miles and Peter face the fallout of Jackal’s attack.

What it’s about: “ARACHNOBATICS” CONTINUES! Surprising anyone who knows Peter Parker (but probably not those who know Miles Morales), the Spider-Men have been keeping up their weekly meetup at the Coffee Bean! Sadly, that hasn’t given them any insight into the machinations of the Jackal!!! And what do all these mysterious interludes add up to?

What we think: The threat of the Jackal looms, which almost certainly means clones and clone sagas abound. More importantly, though, is the much looser and lighter tone this title has compared to Miles and Peter’s solo books. After so many years of the two having a strained relationship, having a book where they’re working on their friendship is a real breath of fresh air. Plus, Humberto Ramos on Spider-Man is always welcome! 

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #26

Batman/Superman World's Finest #26 cover art
Batman and Supermen get stuck in the Fifth Dimension in World’s Finest #26

What it’s about: BEWARE THE POWER OF THE DOOM-MITE! Following the imp-shattering events of the BATMAN/SUPERMAN: WORLD’S FINEST 2024 ANNUAL and #25, it’s up to Mr. Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite to convince Batman and Superman that they’re for real this time! If this dynamic duo of odd couples can’t work together, then our entire dimension is in jeopardy!

What we think: It feels like it’s been forever since the tease for the upcoming jaunt into the Fifth Dimension, but we’re finally here. Batman/Superman remains one of the best DC books with fun, snappy writing and gorgeous art. If you’ve enjoyed the throwback stories and vintage tone of this title so far, then the whimsy and weirdness of imps like Mr. Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite will definitely appeal to you. 

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  • Avengers: Twilight #5   
  • Batman / Superman: World’s Finest #26   
  • Batman: Off-World #4   
  • Beware the Planet of the Apes #4   
  • Beyond Real #3   
  • Black Widow & Hawkeye #2   
  • Blade Runner 2039 #12   
  • Bloodshot Unleashed: Reloaded #2   
  • Blow Away #1   
  • Blue Book: 1947 #3   
  • Bombshell and TommTomm #4   
  • Captain Marvel #7   
  • Catwoman #64   
  • Cauldron of Horror #4   
  • Cobra Commander #4   
  • Covenant #78   
  • Darkstalkers: Jedah #1   
  • Darkwing Duck: Justice Ducks #2   
  • Dead X-Men #4   
  • Deprog #2   
  • The Displaced #3   
  • Dudley Datson and the Forever Machine #1   
  • Edie: You Are What Eats You #3   
  • Elvira Meets H.P. Lovecraft #3   
  • Fall of the House of X #4   
  • Gargoyles: Quest #1   
  • Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance #2   
  • Giant-Size Hulk #1   
  • Golgotha Motor Mountain #2   
  • Green Lantern: War Journal #8   
  • Hack / Slash: Back to School #4   
  • Helen of Wyndhorn #2   
  • Humbaba #2   
  • I Heart Skull-Crusher #2   
  • James Bond 007 #4   
  • Jay Garrick: The Flash #6   
  • Jill and the Killers #4   
  • John Carpenter’s Toxic Commando: Rise of the Sludge God #2   
  • John Constantine, Hellblazer: Dead in America #4   
  • Kent Menace Chronicles #1   
  • Kill Your Darlings #8   
  • Lore Olympus #273   
  • Lotus Land #6   
  • Love Me: A Romance Story #1   
  • Mad #37   
  • Miles Morales: Spider-Man #19   
  • Moon Man #2   
  • My Hero Academia #420   
  • My Little Pony: Kenbucky Roller Derby #3   
  • Nightwing #113   
  • Oz: Fall of Emerald City #1   
  • Parliament of Rooks #5   
  • Penthouse Comics #2   
  • Plague Seeker #1   
  • The Prism #7   
  • Quick Stops: Volume 2 #4   
  • Rick and Morty Finals Week: Brawlher #1   
  • Rock & Roll Biographies #2   
  • Roxxon Presents: Thor #1
  • Sam and Twitch: Case Files #2   
  • Simulation Theory #5   
  • Something Epic #9   
  • Spawn #352   
  • The Spectacular Spider-Men #2   
  • Spellweaver #3   
  • Spider-Boy #6   
  • Spider-Woman #6   
  • Star Trek #19   
  • Star Wars: Mace Windu #3   
  • Star Wars: The High Republic – Saber for Hire #1   
  • Superman #13   
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Untold Destiny of the Foot Clan #2   
  • Three Stooges Centennial #1   
  • Titans #10   
  • Trumps #2   
  • Tuskers #3   
  • U & I #3   
  • Ultimate Black Panther #3   
  • Underheist #3   
  • Vampirella #668   
  • Vampiress Carmilla #21   
  • The Walking Dead Deluxe #87   
  • The Weatherman #4   
  • What If…?: Venom #3   
  • Wonder Woman #8   
  • World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #139   
  • Zuriel #1

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