Ultimate Spider-Man outsold all other Spidey titles again and fans are loving it

Christopher Baggett
Ultimate Spider-Man and Mary Jane

Ultimate Spider-Man is topping the sales charts again, coming in ahead of Amazing Spider-Man in sales, and fans are celebrating.

It’s no secret that Ultimate Spider-Man is one of the hottest books on the market, with its debut issue recently going back to the presses for a fifth printing.

The popularity has led to Ultimate Spider-Man outselling Marvel’s other Spider-Man titles for the third month in a row, according to ICv2’s top comics listing for March 2024.

Spurned Amazing Spider-Man fans are celebrating in a thread on the Spider-Man subreddit, counting this third month beating the main title as a rousing success for Ultimate Spider-Man.

“Looks like the fans voted with their wallets,” one user said, “How will you respond, Marvel?”

Another user shared their troubles just with getting the book. “My local comic book store sold out on day 1 when I got there around 6pm,” they said. “Had to go to another store which thankfully had a few copies left a week later.”

“Well deserved and if this trend continues then it’ll be the ultimate proof of concept right there,” one user was quick to comment in a quip that would make Spidey proud.

Marvel’s Ultimate Comics rules March 2024’s Top 10 Comics

Marvel’s relaunched Ultimate line is dominating the charts, according to ICv2. While Ultimate Spider-Man #3 only netted second place on March 2024’s charts, the #1 slot went to Peach Momoko’s Ultimate X-Men relaunch. Meanwhile, Ultimate Black Panther #2 came in at #8.

  1. Ultimate X-Men #1 (Marvel Comics)
  2. Ultimate Spider-Man #3 (Marvel Comics)
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Last Ronin II Re-Evolution #1 (IDW Publishing)
  4. Spectacular Spider-Men #1 (Marvel Comics)
  5. Batman #145 (DC Comics)
  6. Transformers #6 (Image Comics)
  7. Amazing Spider-Man #45 (Marvel Comics)
  8. Ultimate Black Panther #2 (Marvel Comics)
  9. ThunderCats #2 (Dynamite Ent.)
  10. X-Men ’97 #1 (Marvel Comics)

Amazing Spider-Man #45 and #46 came in at #7 and #21, respectively. Both issues were also outsold by the debut Spectacular Spider-Men #1, which swung in at #4, while the teaser-heavy (and very expensive, at $7.99) Web of Spider-Man #1 one-shot came in at #16.

Ultimate has consistently outperformed Amazing since its launch in January 2024. Ultimate Spider-Man #1 and #2 were the top-selling comics for January 2024 and February 2024. Comparatively, January’s Amazing Spider-Man #41 and #42 came in at #3 and #10, while February’s Amazing Spider-Man #43 and #44 came in at #6 and #18.

The ICv2 method for tracking this data is the ComicHub system, which tracks the sales data of 125 comic book stores in the United States. While the data may not necessarily reflect the entirety of the North American comic book scene, Ultimate Spider-Man’s rave reviews and consistent need for additional printings more than tell its tale as a success story.

Ultimate Spider-Man #4 hits stands on April 24.

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