The Amazing Spider-Man 3: Everything we know

Lucy-Jo Finnighan
The final shot of The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 had plenty of plans before it was scrapped by Sony, so here’s everything we know about Garfield’s cancelled film.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is finally out, and to say people have been looking forward to this movie would be an understatement. Like Spider-Man: No Way Home, the Spider-Verse franchise brought together an array of Spiders, which of course included Andrew Garfield‘s early 2010s take.

Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man franchise seemed like a great new spin on the character when the first film came out in 2012. Unfortunately, things didn’t continue this way. Andrew Garfield’s run as Peter Parker was cut short when Amazing Spider-Man 3 and its spin-off were scrapped by Sony. 

However, there were still plenty of plans for the threequel, and with Garfield cameoing in many recent Spider-Man projects, perhaps this could reboot his franchise. We at Dexerto – who have long defended the Amazing franchise – would like to see it, so here is the history of what could of been, and what still might be.

Is The Amazing Spider-Man 3 happening?

No, sadly The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is not happening as of writing. It seems like the closest thing we’ll get is Andrew Garfield’s appearance in the MCU’s Spider-Man: No Way Home.

As we know, on February 10, 2015, before the MCU introduced Tom Holland as Spider-Man, Garfield’s run was cancelled, despite The Amazing Spider-Man 3 already being in the works.

This was due to a variety of factors, that being The Amazing Spider-Man 2 being received poorly by critics – it currently has a 51% score on Rotten Tomatoes – and underperforming at the Box Office, opening to just $91 million on its first weekend.

This was also during the time of the Fox-MCU-Disney debacle, and with Marvel wanting to bring Spider-Man into its cinematic universe, it seemed inevitable Garfield – who had been playing the role under Sony – would have to hang up the mask.