Super Power Fighting Simulator codes (April 2023): How to get tokens, Boosts, Gems & more in Roblox

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Super Power Fighting Simulator codes in Roblox can be used to receive Tokens, Gems, or boost your luck to help you to acquire even more items. Keep reading, as we’ve got everything you need to know about how to redeem every available code in April 2023.

Super Power Fighting Simulator channelizes your inner superhero as you train your body, fists, speed, and mind to become one of the greatest fighters the Roblox-based game has ever seen. As you level up, new skills, powerful ranks, and more content will unlock that kick the fun factor up a notch.

Codes play a crucial role in giving you an advantage, with free tokens and luck helping you to unlock rarer items to improve your overall stats — so we’ve gathered together every available one in Super Power Fighting Simulator for April 2023.


Some characters in Super Power Fighting Simulator
You can unlock new skills and reach powerful ranks in Super Power Fighting Simulator.

Super Power Fighting Simulator codes in Roblox April 2023)

There are currently 14 active Super Power Fighting Simulator codes, which have been confirmed as of April 21, 2023.

As more are made available, we’ll be sure to update you accordingly.

Code Items
20k Tokens (New)
2MGROUP 50,000 Tokens
FROSTLORD 10,000 Tokens
HAPPYNEWYEAR Hour-long Winter Tokens Boost
FESTIVEBOOST 15 minutes Winter Tokens Boost
ULTRAPOWER Two Hours of Double Power
150MPARTY Three Hours of Double Luck
JAKDNOOB 3,000 Tokens
JJD7 3,000 Tokens
PIEOVER 3,000 Tokens
REKTWAY 3,000 Tokens
500,000 Gems
In-game Super Power Fighting Simulator menu where codes need to be redeemed from
Super Power Fighting Simulator codes can be redeemed very easily.

How to redeem Super Power Fighting Simulator codes in Roblox

Redeeming codes in Super Power Fighting Simulator is quite simple, but if you’re unaware of the process, follow this short list of steps to get your free items:

  • Launch Super Power Fighting Simulator.
  • Once the game loads, click on the three lines on the right side of the screen.
  • Click on the Twitter icon to reveal the space allotted for entering the codes.
  • Paste or type any of the active working codes into the space.
  • Click on ‘Enter
  • That’s it! You will then receive the respective rewards each code has to offer.

Full list of Super Power Fighting Simulator expired codes

Below is a list of all the currently expired codes in Super Power Fighting Simulator, along with the rewards they previously redeemed:

Code Items
mehdiable 2,500 Tokens
Rainway 3,000 Tokens
JustHamNoTurkey 3,000 Tokens
100KLIKES 10,000 Tokens
VIPTOKENS 5,000 Tokens
Sub2Cookie 3,000 Tokens
1MMembers 10,000 Tokens
DRAGON 5,000 Tokens
OMNI 30 minutes of Double Luck
ASTRO 5,000 Tokens
100M Three Hours of Double Power
400KFAVORITES 4,000 Tokens
space 5,000 Tokens
artifacts 50,000 Gems
Rektway100K 5,000 Tokens
goals 5,000 Tokens
gemupdate 50,000 Gems
PRESENT3 15 minutes of Free Festive Chests
PRESENT2 15 minutes of Double Santa rewards
PRESENT1 5 Double Golden Gift Rewards
LightDark 5,000 Tokens
XMASLUCK Three Hours of Double Luck
FROSTOOTH 30 minutes of Double Luck
WINTERBOOST 3600 Double Winter Token Boost
WINTERTOKENS 15,000 Tokens
350KFavorites 3,500 Tokens
30KSupreme 300,000 Gems
HolidayPass 10,000 Tokens
85M 8,585 Tokens
BUFF 5,000 Tokens
HAUNTEDBOOST 5 minutes of 5x Halloween Token Boost
FREEPOWER Hour-long of Double Power
BOO 3,313 Halloween tokens
REAPER Free Reward
75KLIKES Free Reward
65M 6,565 Tokens
30MVISITS 5,000 Tokens
BOUNTY 500 Gems
ELEMENTAL 5,000 Tokens
50M 5,050 Tokens
900KMEMBERS Free Reward
ALIEN  500 Gems
void Free Gems
Forgotten 5,000 Tokens
SKY 5,000 Tokens
Anubis 5,000 Tokens
sciborg 500 Gems
50KLIKES 5,000 Tokens
OPLUCK Two Hours of Double Luck
600KMEMBERS 5,000 Tokens
400KMEMBERS 5,000 Tokens
40KLIKES 5,000 Tokens
20MVISITS 3,500 Tokens
ZMLZGaming 1,500 Tokens
ItzVexo 1,500 Tokens
Joseph47 500 Tokens
TRANSFORM 5,000 Tokens
15MVISITS 3,500 Tokens
100KFAVORITES 2,500 Tokens
35KLIKES 5,000 Tokens
LASERVISION 5,000 Tokens
300KMEMBERS 5,000 Tokens
10M 3,500 Tokens
VEXR 1,000 Tokens
mrrhino 1,000 Tokens
Jojocraft 1,500 Tokens
Azend 1,000 Tokens
10Kplayers 5,000 Tokens
NINJA 5,000 Tokens
100Kmembers 5,000 Tokens
ShutdownTokens 2,500 Tokens
1M 3,500 Tokens
10KLIKES 5,000 Tokens
5KPLAYERS 2,500 Tokens
QUESTS  3,000 Tokens
Fusion2500 2,500 Tokens
1.5K 1,500 Tokens
ServerSpecial 1,500 Tokens
1KLikes 1,350 Tokens
1,250Tokens 1,250 Tokens
750LikeTokens 1,250 Tokens
TwitterTokens 1,250 Tokens
Release 1,000 Tokens
500likes 1,000 Tokens
250Players 999 Tokens
Tokens777 777 Tokens
GamingDan 1,500 Tokens

What are Super Power Fighting Simulator codes used for in Roblox?

As you can see from the tables above, most of the Super Power Fighting Simulator codes will reward you with various items like Tokens, timed Token Boosts, or Gems — and can even be used to double your luck!

Make sure to check back regularly, as new codes are occasionally added by the developers, and they can go a very long way in helping you to become one of the best Superheroes out there.

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about Super Power Fighting Simulator codes in Roblox for April 2023.

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