Bubble Gum Simulator codes (May 2022) – How to get luck, gems, candies & more in Roblox

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Every Bubble Gum Simulator code for May 2022

Bubble Gum Simulator codes in Roblox can be redeemed to provide free luck, hatch speed, gems, candies, and more. Here are all the latest codes for For May 2022. 

The Roblox-based game, Bubble Gum Simulator, offers players a ton of redeemable codes every month. These codes reward you with various items such as free hats, Pets, and even gems that help you progress with the game.

You need to make your bubble as big as possible in Bubble Gum Simulator, which can be rather tricky to do. Fortunately, there are a number of codes that will reward you with several items that can increase your odds of success.


Bubble Gum Simulator codes rewards players with various in-game items like luck, hatch speed and more
Bubble Gum Simulator codes are time-sensitive.

Bubble Gum Simulator codes in Roblox (May 2022)

Below, we’ve listed all of the currently active Bubble Gum Simulator codes that players can claim as of May 23, 2022. As more are made available, we’ll be sure to update you right here.

Codes Items
Tofuu Redeem 5,000 coins
StreamLuck Redeem 2x Luck (2 hours)
Spotted Spotted Egg
Sircfenner Spotted Egg
RumbleStream Redeem 2x Hatch Speed (2 hours)
LotsOfGems Redeem 25 Gems
HappyHolidays Redeem 2x Hatch Speed (2 hours)
BlizzyrdOP Redeem 2x Hatch Speed (2 hours)
BGSXMAS Redeem 2x Hatch Speed (3 hours)
BGSStream Redeem 2x Hatch Speed (2 hours)
Autumn Redeem 2x Hatch Speed (5 hours)
AutumnSale Redeem 2x Luck (5 hours)
AutumnSale2 Redeem 2x Hatch Speed (5 hours)
600MBoost Redeem 2x Hatch Speed (2 hours)
Luckiest Redeem Extra Luck
StPatrickLuck Redeem Extra Luck
Update72 Redeem free Hatch Speed
valentine  Redeem free Hatch Speed
update71 Redeem Extra Luck
Royalty Redeem free Hatch Speed
Update70 Redeem Extra Luck
Update68  Redeem Extra Luck
SantaClaus Redeem free Hatch Speed
ChristmasStream Redeem free Hatch Speed
JollyChristmas Redeem Extra Luck
ChristmasPart2 Redeem free Hatch Speed
Update66 Redeem Extra Luck
christmas Redeem 5,000 CandyCanes
Update65 Redeem Extra Luck
Ghosts Redeem free Hatch Speed
Update63 Redeem Extra Luck
Update60 Redeem Extra Luck
Update59 Redeem Extra Luck
Update57 Redeem Extra Luck
Update58 Redeem Extra Luck
Update54 Redeem Extra Luck
Update53 Redeem Extra Luck
Update51 Redeem Extra Luck
Update50 Redeem Extra Luck
Update49 Redeem free Hatch Speed
Update48 Redeem free Hatch Speed
Update47 Redeem free Hatch Speed
Update45 Redeem free Hatch Speed
Season 8 Redeem Extra Luck
Mushroom  Redeem Extra Luck
Galactic Redeem Extra Luck
Portal Redeem Extra Luck
MegaSale Redeem Extra Luck
600M  Redeem Extra Luck
Valentines Redeem Extra Luck
2hourluck Redeem Extra Luck
BriteJuice Redeem Extra Luck
BubblePass Redeem Extra Luck
ExtraLuck Redeem Extra Luck
Fancy2 Redeem Extra Luck
HappyEaster Redeem Extra Luck
Halloween Redeem Extra Luck
July4th Redeem Extra Luck
Kraken Redeem Extra Luck
LostCity Redeem Extra Luck
LuckyDay  Redeem Extra Luck
NewWorld Redeem Extra Luck
Ocean Redeem Extra Luck
Season3 Redeem Extra Luck
SecretLuckCode Redeem Extra Luck
sircfenneriscool Redeem Extra Luck
sircfennerNoob Redeem Extra Luck
StPatricks Redeem Extra Luck
SuperBeach Redeem Extra Luck
SuperLuck Redeem Extra Luck
ThankYou Redeem Extra Luck
UnderTheSea Redeem Extra Luck
Update16 Redeem Extra Luck
Update21 Redeem Extra Luck
SuperCoins Redeem 1,000 Coins
BlueCrew Redeem Gems
pinkarmypet Redeem Gems
Twiisted Redeem Gems
SuperGems Redeem Gems
SecretPet Redeem Toy Serpent
FreePet Redeem Twitter Dominus
SpookyHalloween Redeem free Hatch Speed
Citrus Redeem free Hatch Speed
Vacation  Redeem free Hatch Speed
Carnival2 Redeem free Hatch Speed
MegaSpeedBoost Redeem free Hatch Speed
SuperSale Redeem free Hatch Speed
Vine  Redeem free Hatch Speed
Spring  Redeem free Hatch Speed
Season7 Redeem free Hatch Speed
Challenges Redeem free Hatch Speed
300M  Redeem free Hatch Speed
400M Redeem free Hatch Speed
AtlantisHats Redeem free Hatch Speed
BeachBoost Redeem free Hatch Speed
Bunny Redeem free Hatch Speed
ChristmasBoost Redeem free Hatch Speed
Circus Redeem free Hatch Speed
Clown Redeem free Hatch Speed
Cupid Redeem free Hatch Speed
Fireworks Redeem free Hatch Speed
FREE Redeem free Hatch Speed
FreeBoost Redeem free Hatch Speed
FreeHatchSpeed Redeem free Hatch Speed
HammieIsBadAtRocketLeague Redeem free Hatch Speed
InThePast Redeem free Hatch Speed
Part2 Redeem free Hatch Speed
Pass Redeem free Hatch Speed
Poseidon Redeem free Hatch Speed
ReallyFancy Redeem free Hatch Speed
SecretBoost Redeem free Hatch Speed
Special Redeem free Hatch Speed
SpeedBoost Redeem free Hatch Speed
SpeedyBoi Redeem free Hatch Speed
Summer Redeem free Hatch Speed
SuperSecret Redeem free Hatch Speed
superspeed Redeem free Hatch Speed
Tomcat Redeem free Hatch Speed
TrickOrTreat  Redeem free Hatch Speed
UltraSpeed Redeem free Hatch Speed
AncientTimes Redeem Extra Shiny Chance
ChocolateEgg Redeem Extra Shiny Chance
Colorful Redeem Extra Shiny Chance
Fancy Redeem Extra Shiny Chance
Mythical Redeem Extra Shiny Chance
Secrets Redeem Extra Shiny Chance
Thanks Redeem Extra Shiny Chance
UncleSam Redeem Extra Shiny Chance
2020 Redeem 2x Hatch Speed (4 hours)
YouTubeSpeed Redeem 2x Hatch Speed (2 hours)
YouTubeLuck Redeem 2x Luck (3 hours)
Youtube Redeem 2x Hatch Speed (2 hours)
SylentlyOP Redeem 2x Luck (2 hours)
SylentlyIsCool Redeem 2x Hatch Speed (15 minutes)
Sylently Redeem 10,000 Candy Canes
SpookyCode Redeem 2x Luck (2 hours)
Split Redeem 2x Hatch Speed (2 hours)
ShinyStream Redeem 3x Shiny Chance (2 hours)
SecretVideoCode Redeem 2x Hatch Speed (2 hours)
Shadow Redeem 2x Hatch Speed (6 hours)
RUDOLPH Redeem 2x Luck (2 hours)
ObscureEntity Redeem 500 Coins
NewEgg Redeem 2x Luck (15 minutes)
MILKANDCOOKIES Redeem 2x Hatch Speed (2 hours)
Minime Redeem 2,500 Coins
MoreCandy Redeem 4,000 Candy
Mystic Redeem 2x Luck (2 hours)
Meteor Redeem 2x Hatch Speed (2 hours)
Merchant Redeem 2x Hatch Speed (2 hours)
LuckyDay2  Redeem 2x Hatch Speed (2 hours)
LuckyCode  Redeem 2x Hatch Speed (2 hours)
Jonathan Redeem 2x Luck (2 hours)
KingMushGang Redeem 2x Hatch Speed (2 hours)
KingSlimeGang Redeem 2x Luck (2 hours)
In-game Bubble Gum Simulator menu where codes need to be redeemed from
Bubble Gum Simulator codes in Roblox provide tons of free items.

How to redeem Bubble Gum Simulator codes in Roblox

The Bubble Gum Simulator codes can be redeemed via the in-game menu and the process is pretty straightforward. Simply follow these steps to ensure you waste no time in getting your rewards:

  • Launch Bubble Gum Simulator and click on the “choose the graphic quality” right in the middle of your screen.
  • Select either of the options and a character model will load into the game.
  • Click on the Codes button with a Twitter logo on the left side of the screen.
  • Copy any of the active codes from the chart above and paste them into the allotted space.
  • Click on the Enter button to receive the respective rewards.

Full list of Bubble Gum Simulator expired codes

Below is a list of all the currently expired codes in the game, along with the rewards they previously redeemed:

Code Items
FreeDominusPet Redeem Spookivus Pet

What are Bubble Gum Simulator codes used for in Roblox?

Bubble Gum Simulator codes are useful for you to gain free Gems, various accessories like Luck, Hatch Speed, Shiny Chances, or even Pets.

These aforementioned items make it much easier for you to buy better bubble gum flavors and faces.

So, there you have it — everything you need to know about Bubble Gum Simulator promo codes for May 2022.

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