60% off select D&D books this Prime Day: Players Handbook, Monster Manual & more

Jessica Filby
D&D book deals Prime Day

Looking for some fantastic deals on Dungeons & Dragons books this Prime Day? You can save up to 60% on these TTRPG staples as well as grab a fantastic bargain on the newest D&D release. Your tabletop Prime Day deals won’t get much better than this.

There are tons of D&D books out there, and plenty of them are heavily discounted during Prime Day, making this event one of the best times for you to expand your library or grab that core rulebook or adventure you’ve always had your eye on.

However, coming in at 60% off, these D&D books are one of the best bargains out there at the moment, making this deal something you just can’t miss.

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What D&D books have the best savings this Prime Day?

Three D&D books come in at the best savings, they range from a rulebook that every player needs to own to one of the newer adventures to sink your teeth into:

The Player’s Handbook is a staple for any D&D player or DM. It holds all the rules, races, classes, and more to help you create a story or character from scratch. Think of the Player’s Handbook as the average D&D player’s bible. You’ll always refer to it, always need it, and with a whopping 64% off, grabbing it won’t even break the bank.

While the Monster Manual isn’t as needed as the Player’s Handbook, this book is still essentially a bible for DMs. Whether you’re creating your own encounters, or just want some inspiration for combat, the Monster Manual is what you need. Players can explore the thousands of monsters in the popular TTRPG while DMs can get the constant inspiration and help running combats. With 62% off, there’s no reason to not grab this book during Prime Day.

The Player’s Handbook and Monster Manual are classics that most D&D players will end up owning at some point, but there’s no point owning them if you’re not going to put it towards an epic adventure. This is where the Keys From the Golden Vault adventure book comes in. Introducing tense heists, puzzles, and a fantastic one-shot capability, this is the perfect way to dip into DMing for a bit, or for a side-quest that hopefully results in tons of loot. It’s currently sitting at just under $22 at 56% off, making this an absolute steal.

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