What are Blue Star Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

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There are a variety of different Tera Raid Battles that trainers can take on in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, including those with Blue Stars. Here’s everything players need to know about these specific raids in Generation 9.

Tera Raid Battles are new additions to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and function somewhat similarly to Generation 8’s Max Raid battles, where four players take on one incredibly strong Pokemon.

There are different types of Tera Raid Battles that vary in difficulty, but some players may occasionally encounter Tera Raid dens that feature Blue Stars to denote their difficulty level.

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However, Blue Star Tera Raids may be difficult to stumble upon for a very particular reason. Here’s what makes these Tera Raids special and how to find them across the Paldea region.

What are Blue Star Tera Raids

Simply put, Tera Raid Battles with Blue Stars are tied to ongoing events. These Tera Raids are only around for a limited time but can return again in the future.

For example, trainers taking on the returning Dragon Tera-type Charizard Raid will notice it has Blue Stars denoting its difficulty. Although that particular Raid will always be a 7-Star difficulty, not every Tera Raid of this type will be 7-Stars.

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scarlet violet charizard raidThe Pokemon Company
The limited-time 7-Star Charizard Tera Raid will have Blue Stars when players encounter it.

It’s also important to note that these Blue Star Raids can give players the chance to catch Pokemon that normally can’t be found in Scarlet & Violet, as is the case with Charizard. Given that these events are limited, players will likely want to go after them as soon as they see them so as to not miss out on any potentially rare Pokemon.

This isn’t always the case, but it’s worth remembering for any future Blue Star Raids players stumble across.

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How to find Blue Star Tera Raids

There are a handful of ways trainers can locate Blue Star Tera Raids in the open world or through the game’s menus.

First, Blue Star Tera Raid dens will have a different appearance on Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s map. These dens will have a sparkling ring around them. Additionally, these dens in the overworld will have a much more intense sparkling aura around them compared to standard Tera Raid dens.

pokemon scarlet violet blue star tera raid densThe Pokemon Company
Tera Raid dens with Blue Stars will have a more intense sparkly aura surrounding them in the overworld.

Finally, there’s also an easy way to see if there are any ongoing events happening while you’re playing. Simply go to the Poke Portal menu, connect to the internet, and plus the + button to bring up the News. From here, you will be able to see any ongoing events happening now or in the near future.

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