Pokemon Go Great League best team guide

by Paul Cot


Pokemon Go's GO Battle League has finally started. Season 1 kicks off with The Great League but which Pokemon are the best to use?

The Great League has a CP limit of 1,500. This gives you the opportunity to use a variety of Pokemon in battle – although the meta does restrict this somewhat.

This is because only some species can reach the higher levels required for Master League. While you can still find legendary Pokemon under 1,500 CP, a lot of their appeal comes down to their ability to reach comparatively higher levels.


The good thing about the Great League is that there doesn't seem to be any overwhelming strategy. This means the tactics are still open to interpretation and there are lots of Pokemon teams that can win you battles.

It also encourages you to catch and level up species that you may previously have ignored. As the meta is somewhat debatable, rather than list exact teams and detail all the moves, we're going to list some of the more popular Pokemon and their respective best moves.

Niantic seem to have done an excellent job of making sure there are no must-have species though, so you can experiment and deviate away from this list. After all, it's fun to try different combinations of Pokemon.

Azumarill Great League
Pokemon Fandom
Azumarill is one of the most popular picks for GO Battle Great League.



The dual water and fairy-type is probably a Pokemon you didn't expect to see first on this list. However, its bulk and diverse moveset make it a great option for Great League.

Azumarill's best Fast Move is Bubble and is essential if selecting the Aqua Bunny Pokemon. Its best Charge Moves are more open to debate, however.

Any combination of Hydro Pump, Play Rough, and Ice Beam are acceptable depending on your preference. Hydro Pump hits hardest but also requires the most energy.

Meanwhile, Ice Beam gives Azumarill an out against grass-types and is its most efficient move in terms of energy. The fairy-type move Play Rough gives it the advantage against other popular Great League picks Medicham and Sableye.

Registeel Great League
Pokemon Fandom
Registeel's Lock-On makes it a formidable opponent in the Great League.



The steel-type legendary titan is an interesting choice for PvP. It's incredible defense stats make it very durable – always a plus for a mode where Charge Moves play such a pivotal role.

For Registeel to be effective though, it will need to have Lock-On as its Fast Move. This is because, while its damage output is pitiful, it has a super high EPS of 16.67.

This allows it to utilize its powerful Charge Moves – Flash Cannon, Focus Blast, and Hyper Beam – which if your opponent has gone through their Protect Shields, can prove very effective.


Bastiodon Great League
Pokemon Fandom
Bastiodon's defense is even better than it looks suggest.


Throw legends and any other Pokemon into the equation and Bastiodon still has some of the best defense stats in Pokemon Go. Obviously its attacks pale in comparison, but it still has a place in the Great League.

The Fast Move Smack Down alongside Charge Moves Stone Edge and Flamethrower are probably Bastiodon's best combination. Smack Down doesn't generate energy particularly fast but does hit hard.

Stone Edge is also a powerful rock-type move and therefore takes advantage of the Pokemon Go Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB). Flamethrower can be utilized against steel-types which rock-type moves aren't effective against.

Skarmory Great League
Pokemon Fandom
Skarmory's typing and all round bulk make it a very popular species to use in Great League.


Skarmory is a Pokemon you'll be seeing a lot of in Great League. It's fairly all rounded and its typing makes it resistant to several others.

Its only real weaknesses are electric, fire and other steel-types. The Armor Bird Pokemon performs fantastically against bug, grass and poison-type moves.

Air Slash is Skarmory's preferred Fast Move as it has slightly better energy generation and is more effective against more types. Sky Attack and Flash Cannon are clearly its best Charge Move combination as Brave Bird isn't great.

It is also noted that Skarmory can take down grass-types with Fast Moves alone, allowing you to farm those Charge Moves for the following Pokemon. If you're doing this make sure your opponent has burned through their Protect Shields.

Umbreon Great League
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Umbreon's biggest weakness is its lack of different types of move.


The Gen 2 eeveelution has surprisingly strong defense stats and that is accompanied by solid stamina stats, too. At Great League it's certainly one of the premium options to have.

It doesn't have a great selection of moves, and other than the Community Day move of Last Resort, they are all dark-types. This is beneficial for the STAB bonus but doesn't offer a lot of versatility.

Its Fast Moves Feint Attack and Snarl are quite similar in terms of overall effectiveness. Feint Attack provides more damage output whereas Snarl has quicker energy generation – so it really depends on which you are looking for.

Umbreon's Charge Moves Foul Play and Dark Pulse are also similar in terms of effectiveness. Last Resort at least allows a move of a different type but this won't be available in Umbreon's you don't have already.

Altaria Great League
Pokemon Fandom
It's difficult to ignore Altaria in the Pokemon Go Great League meta.


Altaria should absolutely be an option in your Great League team. It may take 400 Candy to evolve Swablu, but it's definitely worth the effort.

Its resistant to a variety of types but is doubly weak to ice-type attacks. So, if the defensive powerhouse Azumarill has ice-beam available it will make quick work of Altaria.

The Humming Pokemon's real strength lies within its moves, however. Dragon Breath is one of the best Fast Moves on the game with an excellent combination of damage and energy generation.

Sky Attack and Dragon Pulse are its best Charge Moves. The former is relatively quick to generate and does decent damage with it. Dragon Pulse is a little more juicy but does benefit from STAB and is therefore an excellent secondary choice.

There are other species you can choose for GO Battle Great League. After all, the meta will likely continue to evolve.

For the time being though, these should put your team in good stead and allow you to rack up the wins.