How to get all Rotom forms in Pokemon Go & can they be Shiny?

Philip Trahan
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In Pokemon Go, the Electric/Ghost-type Rotom has a variety of separate forms it can take on, which changes its secondary typing. Let’s break down every one of Rotom’s available forms in Pokemon Go and if they can be Shiny.

Rotom is a very elusive Pokemon introduced in Gen 4’s Sinnoh region and is unique in that it has six different forms. Each one of those forms comes with a different secondary typing: Ghost, Fire, Water, Ice, Flying, and Grass.

Recently, its regular Electric/Ghost-type form was added to Pokemon Go during the Sinnoh Tour 2024 event and the Electric/Fire-type Heat Rotom form’s made its debut during the Pokemon Go Fest 2024: Sendai event.

Keeping track of all of Rotom’s different forms can be a lot of work, so let’s go over how to get all the available Rotom versions in Pokemon Go, as well as their Shiny variations.



How to get Rotom in Pokemon Go

Each one of the Rotom forms has its unique way of being captured in Pokemon Go. So here’s how to get all the available Rotom forms in the game:

Regular Rotom

The only way to find standard Electric/Ghost Rotom in Pokemon Go was by completing the “Global Unlock: Ghost in the Machine – Part 1” Timed Research quest

This event was part of the Los Angeles portion of the Sinnoh Tour 2024 event and could only be unlocked by using the code: 0HY0UF0UNDM3. Unfortunately, as this was a Timed Research quest, it has since expired as of February 25, 2024.

Heat Rotom

Electric/Fire Heat Rotom was released through the Pokemon Go Fest 2024: Sendai, Madrid, and New York events and was obtainable through the GO Snapshot method on any of the three dates.

Wash Rotom

This Electric/Water Rotom variant was the first one to be introduced into the game back in 2020. Players can get Wash Rotom by completing the Special Research Task called “Anniversary Event Research – Part 6”.

Additionally, players were able to get Wash Rotom through the GO Snapshot method during the Pokemon Go Fest 2020.

Frost Rotom

The Electric/Ice Rotom form debuted at the start of the Pokemon Go Fest 2023: Osaka and as Wash Rotom, it could be obtained through the GO Snapshot method.

Mow Rotom

Electric/Grass Mow Rotom was released at the beginning of the Pokemon Go Fest 2022: Berlin and was obtainable through the GO Snapshot method on any of the three dates.

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How to use the GO Snapshot mode in Pokemon Go

Some of the rarest Pokemon in the game can be captured only through the GO Snapshot method, so in case you’re new to this process, here’s how to use it to capture Rotom when live:

  1. Open your Pokemon storage and select any creature.
  2. Tap on the camera icon at the right top corner of the screen to open Snapshot mode.
  3. Take pictures of the Pokemon.
  4. Exit Snapshot mode.
  5. Check if Rotom appears in any of the photos you took of the other Pokemon.
  6. If so, go back to the main map screen, as you’ll be able to spot it in the wild.
  7. If you go back to the main map and you can’t see Rotom, repeat the process.

Can Rotom be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

While Rotom has limited availability, yes, you can catch a Shiny Rotom in Pokemon Go, but only in its regular Electric/Ghost-type form.

Heat Rotom, Wash Rotom, Fan Rotom, Frost Rotom, and Mow Rotom don’t have Shiny variations in the game right now.

All Rotom Forms in Pokemon Go

Regular RotomElectric/GhostYesPokemon Go Tour: Sinnoh – 2024 (February)
Heat RotomElectric/FireYesIn-person Pokemon Go Fest 2024 (May)
Wash RotomElectric/WaterYesPokemon Go Fest 2020 (July)
Fan RotomElectric/FlyingNo
Frost RotomElectric/IceYesIn-person Pokemon Go Fest 2023 (August)
Mow RotomElectric/GrassYesIn-person Pokemon Go Fest 2022 (July)

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