Pokemon Go Alola to Alola Collection Challenge & Field Research tasks

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A poster for the Pokemon Go Alola to Alola Collection Challenge

The Pokemon Go Alola to Alola Collection Challenge has arrived, and there’s also a new set of Field Research tasks to complete alongside it – so here’s every task and reward on offer.

As the Season of Alola reaches its conclusion in Pokemon Go, Niantic have delivered one final event for players to enjoy. It’s called Alola to Alola, and it’s essentially a big roundup of everything we’ve seen so far.

There’s a brand new Alola to Alola Collection Challenge to complete, although this one works a little differently as most of the creatures you need are evolutions like Gumshoos, Toucannon, and Brionne.

Below, you’ll find all the information you need to complete this Collection Challenge and all of the Alola to Alola event-exclusive Field Research tasks.


A poster for the Pokemon GO Alola To Alola event Collection Challenge

Pokemon Go Alola to Alola Collection Challenge explained

You’ll need to catch the following Pokemon to complete the Alola to Alola Collection Challenge:

Pokemon How to catch Sprite
Gumshoos Evolve a Yungoos with 50 Candy Gumshoos
Trumbeak Evolve a Pikipek with 25 Candy Trumbeak in Pokemon Go
Dartrix Evolve a Rowlet with 25 Candy Dartrix
Torracat Evolve a Litten with 25 Candy Torracat
Brionne Evolve a Popplio with 25 Candy Brionne
Cubone Appearing in the wild Cubone
Alolan Rattata Appearing in the wild & in 1-Star Raids Alolan Rattata
Toucannon Evolve a Trumbeak with 100 Candy Toucannon in Pokemon Go

Once you’ve caught all of these Pokemon, you’ll be rewarded with 15000 XP, 15 Ultra Balls, and a Rockruff encounter. The progress will also be added to your Elite Collector Medal.

How to get evolutions for Alola to Alola Collection Challenge

Unlike most Collection Challenges, most of the Pokemon in the Alola to Alola Collection Challenge need to be evolved, rather than just catching them out in the wild or in Raid Battles.

Gumshoos evolves from Yungoos with 50 Candy, Trumbeak evolves from Pikipek with 25 Candy, Dartrix evolves from Rowlet with 25 Candy, Torracat evolves from Litten with 25 Candy, and Brionne evolves from Popplio with 25 Candy.

The most difficult evolution to get here is Toucannon, as it requires 100 Candy to evolve Trumbeak. Make sure you’re using Pinap Berries when catching Pikipek and transfer any you don’t need for bonus Candy.

Pokemon Go Alola to Alola Field Research tasks & rewards

Here are all of the event-exclusive Field Research tasks and rewards you can get during the Alola to Alola event:

  • Use 7 Berries to help catch Pokemon – 7 Ultra Balls
  • Send 3 Gifts to Friends – 5 Poke Balls
  • Send 3 Gifts and add a Sticker to each – 3 Pinap Berries
  • Power up Pokemon 7 times – Rowlet, Litten, or Popplio encounter
  • Walk 1km – Pikipek or Yungoos encounter

You can unlock these event-exclusive Field Research tasks by spinning PokeStops during event hours, although they’ll be given out at random.

The Alola to Alola event begins on May 25 and runs until May 31 so you’ve got just under a week to complete all of these tasks.

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