How to get Star Pieces in Pokemon Go and how they work?

Chris Studley
Star Pieces in Pokemon Go

Here’s a breakdown on how to get Star Pieces in Pokemon Go and what these items can do for trainers.

In the mainline Pokemon games, Star Pieces can be sold for large sums of cash and help trainers make a little bit of money. For Pokemon Go, these items have a different purpose.

Star Pieces can help Go players get more of an item needed in order to power up Pokemon, or use it for trades.

But, how exactly can trainers get Star Pieces. Here’s a look at how Go players can get one, plus how these items work in the mobile game.

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How to get Star Pieces in Pokemon Go

Star Pieces can be obtained either in the Pokemon Go shop, or via the completion of special tasks.

In the shop, a Star Piece can be purchased for 100 PokeCoins. A package of eight Star Pieces can be bought for 640 PokeCoins.

Star Piece in Pokemon Go shop

Alternatively, certain Special Research tasks have yielded Star Pieces as rewards in the past. For example, the A to Zygarde Special Research rewarded trainers with a Star Piece as one of the Step 6 rewards.

How Star Pieces work in Pokemon Go

Star Pieces increase the amount of Stardust earned in Pokemon Go by 50%, and last for 30 minutes upon activation.

We should note, however, that the duration of Star Piece effects may last longer during special events.

Players can also stack up to 200 Star Pieces at a time.

That’s all you need to know about Star Pieces in Pokemon Go. If needed, make sure to check out more of our Go guides.

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