How to get Kangaskhan in Pokemon Go

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Kangaskhan from Pokemon GoThe Pokemon Company

Kangaroo Pokemon Kangaskhan is not an easy Pokemon to find in the wild. If you haven’t been able to get your hands on it, there may be a key reason why. Here’s how to get Kangaskhan in Pokemon Go.

Kangaskhan is a Kanto region Pokemon that can pack a punch, but is also a creature that’s not easy to obtain.

Several Pokemon Go players that attempted to complete the Platinum Kanto Medal and the All in One #151 Masterwork Research Tasks learned that lesson the hard way.

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So, how can you catch Kangaskhan in Pokemon Go? Here’s what Go players need to know.

kangaskhanThe Pokemon Company

How to catch Kangaskhan in Pokemon Go

Kangaskhan can primarily be found in Australia. Given its resemblance to a kangaroo, it’s not much of a shock that Kangaskhan spawns in an area well-known for its large swaths of kangaroos.

The reason for this is because Kangaskhan is a regional-exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon Go, This means that wild Kangaskhan can be only found in one specific region in the world.

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Unless one lives or visits Australia, it’s highly unlikely that a player outside of that region will encounter a Kangaskhan. However, that doesn’t mean it is impossible.

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Occasionally, several regional-exclusive Pokemon can be found in the wild thanks to special events, like Pokemon Go Fest or the game’s annual Tour events. Raid Days are also another option, provided that Niantic holds one that features Kangaskhan or Mega Kangaskhan in the future.

Pokemon Go players will be in luck come late November 2023, thanks to the Party Up event. Mega Kangaskhan will be in Raids during the event, which will take place from November 22-27.

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Alternatively, one could also attempt to find a friend to trade with in order to get a Kangaskhan.

That’s what you need to know about obtaining a Kangaskhan in Pokemon Go. Check out more of our guides below:

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