Pokemon Go players find major issue with Masterwork Research

Chris Studley
Mr. Mime and Kangaskhan

Several Pokemon Go expressed bewilderment over one of tasks that needs to be completed, in order to encounter a Shiny Mew.

Niantic tasked Pokemon Go players to truly “catch ’em all” with a new set of Research tasks, entitled the All in One #151 Masterwork Research.

When fully completed, Go players will have a special encounter with one of Pokemon’s rarest creatures.

However, some have encountered a major problem with this Masterwork Research. Some Pokemon in the event are region-locked, making it nigh-impossible for users to collect all the Pokemon and complete their quest.

Shiny Mew in the Pokemon Go All In One 151 Masterwork Research

Pokemon Go players look for region-locked creatures

Niantic just released the All in One #151 Masterwork Research, a paid set of research tasks, but one with a tempting reward. When completed, Go players will receive an encounter with a Shiny version of Mew, a highly sought-after Legendary Pokemon.

However, Go players must obtain the Platinum Kanto Medal to complete Set 1 of the Research tasks, an accolade in Pokemon Go that requires players with obtaining all 151 Pokemon from the Kanto region.

The challenge is not an easy one, especially since several of the Legendaries are primarily found in 5-Star Raids, or in Ditto’s case, can disguise themselves. However, there are other problems with this medal.

Multiple wild Pokemon from the Kanto region are primarily region-locked. For example, Tauros can normally be found in the U.S. and Canada, Mr. Mime is found in Europe, and Kangaskhan is only obtainable in Australia. This issue has riled up several players who purchased a ticket but are now stuck and unable to get all the Pokemon due to this region lock.

Several players expressed dismay on Reddit, with one commiserating with someone who posted “no way I just paid $5 to only get blocked by Kangaskhan.” One noted, “Same – $6.99 Canadian and I DO NOT LIVE IN AUSTRALIA OBVIOUSLY.”

Others, however, did speculate that Mega Kangaskhan should returns to raids to help with the quest. That is just speculation at this time. But, the good news is that the All in One #151 will not expire.