Can you get a Shiny Poochyena in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go logo with Poochyena and Shiny PoochyenaNiantic/Pokemon Company

With the number of creatures to catch always growing in Pokemon Go, you’re never short of ways to improve your party. Even better than catching them all, however, is catching shiny versions of each Pokemon – but does Poochyena have a shiny version in Pokemon Go?

Poochyena was first introduced to the Pokemon series in the third generation of mainline games, Ruby & Sapphire. It’s a dark-type dog with a ferocious bite.

Nearly seven years after the launch of Pokemon Go, not every creature has its own shiny form in the game, with developers Niantic instead choosing to slowly release shiny forms as the game develops.

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If you’re looking to get your hands on a Shiny Poochyena, let’s take a look at whether that’s possible.

Is there a Shiny Poochyena in Pokemon Go?

Poochyena in Pokemon TV showThe Pokemon Company
Poochyena was first introduced in the earlier days of Pokemon.

If you’re trying to get a shiny Poochyena, then it’s good news: You can find a shiny Poochyena in Pokemon Go.

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The Shiny form of Poochyena was released at the start of the Lunar New Year 2018 event on February 15, 2018. This rare variant is covered in gold fur rather than the usual grey fur, so it’s hard to miss.

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At number 261 in the National Dex, Poochyena can evolve into Mightyena by being fed 50 Candies.

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