Every Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield Ultra Premium Collection & where to buy them

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Pokemon TCG players are often searching for new ways to level up their collections, and the Ultra Premium boxes from the Sword & Shield expansion are a great pick. Here is everything to know about the Gen 8 collections.

Pokemon TCG expansions come in a number of different forms. Players can pick up boosters packs to try and pull some of the best cards available, or purchase tins and box sets filled with boosters, figurines, and promo cards.

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Some of these options, like Elite Trainer Boxes, even come with card sleeves, dice sets, and coins to use when outfitting new Pokemon TCG decks. These can help add personal flare when prepping for a tournament or allow players to show off their own style when battling others casually.

One of the most expensive and diverse collections in the Pokemon TCG is the Ultra Premium Collection boxes. These expensive sets include everything from metal dice and coins to artistic playmats not sold separately from the UPCs. These sets also come with numerous booster packs from the current expansions and often include unique promos. Below is everything players need to know about the Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield Ultra Premium Collection boxes.

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Where to buy all the Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield Ultra Premium Boxes

Pokemon TCG Ultra Premium Charizard VMAX promoThe Pokemon Company
The Charizard Ultra Premium Collection contains special promo cards

Unlike Booster Boxes and other products found in the TCG, UPCs aren’t released as frequently. They are often part of important moments in the TCG’s history, like an anniversary or the beginning/end of a generation.

Below is every Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield Ultra Premium Collector Box, how much they cost, and where to buy them.

It is possible another Ultra Premium Collection will release during the Crown Zenith expansion that will conclude the era of Sword & Shield in the TCG. However, this information has not yet become available. This guide will continue to update as more UPC boxes are released.

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There are plenty of Pokemon items players can also choose from in 2022. For more Pokemon news make sure to check out our Pokemon hub.

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