Tyranitar revealed in Pokemon Unite: Moves, stats, release date, build, and guide

Pokemon Unite TyranitarTimi

Tyranitar was revealed in Pokemon Unite as a special addition in the game’s anniversary event, and now players can finally get their hands on the new Pokemon and what they have in store in terms of moves and stats. Here’s what you need to know.

Tyranitar is one of the most popular Pokemon from Generation II, boasting strong offensive and defensive stats in the mainline series. Making its debut soon in Pokemon Unite, players are understandably curious as to its move sets, release date, and stats.

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A defender in the Pokemon Unite, here is everything currently known about the brand new addition to the Pokemon Mobile MOBA.

Pokemon Unite TyranitarPokemon
Tyranitar is coming to Pokemon Unite soon with all the classic evolutions.


Tyranitar release date in Pokemon Unite

Tyranitar released in Pokemon Unite on August 16, 2022.

At the current moment, there’s no event to acquire the very powerful Tynranitar. And since it costs a new peak of 14,000 Aoes Coins, it’s definitely not a cheap pokemon to acquire. But the new pokemon is undoubtably very powerful, playing as a front line unkillable hyper carry.

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Tyranitar stats in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite TyranitarTwitter: ElchicoEevee
Tyranitar has big power spikes and evolutions at Level 5 and Level 9.

Tyranitar has two big jumps in stat upgrades in Pokemon Unite at Level 5 and 9. These indicate evolutions, as Pokemon always receive massive stat upgrades upon evolving. It seems Tyranitar’s stats prioritize Attack and Defense, with relatively high base health and surprisingly high critical percentage upon evolving to its final form.

Tyranitar moves in Pokemon Unite

With Tyranitar hitting Pokemon Unite’s live servers, players are getting the hang of their new moves.

Bite serves as a very basic attack in the early levels, upgrading into either Dark Pulse or Stone Edge. Rock Polish buffs the Pokemon, upgrading into either Ancient Power or Sand Tomb. Judging from the descriptions, Ancient Power will probably serve as its iconic move, allowing Tyranitar to shred through the enemy while defending itself.

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Based off this, Tyranitar will play as a slow scaling monster, who will either be an all-rounder or a unique defensive-type Pokemon.

Having a third attack essentially stun the enemy is huge, especially considering melee Pokemon in Pokemon Unite have area of effect built into their basic attacks. Since Tyranitar scales with Attack, Muscle Band will undoubtedly be a great asset on the new pick.

However Tyranitar’s passive prioritizes defensive optimization, since it needs to take some hits to gain buff, at least prior to reaching its final evolution. This makes items like Focus Band and Weakness Policy amazing on Tyranitar too, as they allow the Pokemon to take hits without a worry.

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Its Unite Move with an automatic execute for a set percentage sounds amazing, but it’ll very much depend on the numbers and scaling of Tyranitar’s moves. Play testing will be necessary to deem exactly how strong this is.

Pokemon Unite Tyranitar best moves

Recommended Moves:

  • Dark Pulse
  • Ancient Power

These two are the meta for Tyranitar — allowing the pokemon to deal phenomenal damage while surviving for absurdly long periods of time.

The shielding from Ancient Power serves essential to make Tyranitar unkillable, thereby providing more utilty than its alternative: Sand Tomb. As for Dark Pulse compared to Stone Edge, Dark Edge keeps Tyranitar mobile — versus Stone Edge keeps the Pokemon stationary.

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Sand Tomb and Stone Edge aren’t necessarily bad, but Dark Pulse and Ancient power combo is too absurdly broken to not prioritize in the current meta.

Best Tyranitar held items in Pokemon Unite

Recommended Held Items

  • Muscle Band
  • Weakness Policy
  • Scope Lens

Alternative Held Items

  • Focus Band
  • Energy Amplifier
  • Buddy Barrier

For Tyranitar’s held items in Pokemon Unite, you always want to take Muscle Band and Weakness Policy. The pokemon gets far too much utility out of these two held items to warrant replacing them.

Scope Lens caters towards increasing damage output, but players can also opt for Focus Band instead for a more survival oriented Pokemon Unite Tyranitar build. In addition, Buddy Barrier and Energy Amplifier aren’t bad on this pokeon either because its Unite Move is just broken.

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Pokemon Unite Tyranitar buildPokemon
Tyranitar needs Muscle Band and Weakness Policy to thrive in Pokemon Unite.

Best Tyranitar battle items in Pokemon Unite

  • X-Speed
  • X-Attack
  • Potion
  • Full Heal
  • Eject Button

Take whichever Battle Items fit your individual play style for Tyranitar in Pokemon Unite. They all work, but each function towards a different play style. The most commonly used one would be X-Speed, to help mitigate the pokemon’s slow walking speed.

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