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Pokemon Quest recipes: Best stews, nectars, curries & more

Published: 27/Apr/2022 14:51

by Titas Khan


Knowing which recipes to brew for which Pokemon is an extremely important aspect of Pokemon Quest, so here’s everything you need to know about recipes and the respective ‘mon that they attract.

Featuring cube-shaped, adorable variations of well-known ‘mon, Pokemon Quest presents a free-to-play action-adventure experience on mobile platforms. While this blocky appearance may be slightly atypical for the series, the game continues to grow and gain popularity.

With that being said, one of the most important aspects of the game is to brew various recipes to attract wild Pokemon. Let’s dive in and check out everything that you need to know about creating these recipes in Quest, their ingredients, and which Pokemon is attracted to what brew.



screenshot of the pokedex in Pokemon Quest
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Attract countless Pokemon by brewing all the recipes available in Pokemon Quest.

All recipes in Pokemon Quest

There are 18 assorted recipes that you can brew in Pokemon Quest and each of these recipes attract specific Pokemon types. Here’s the full list of recipes along with their ingredients as well as the type of Pokemon that they attract.

Recipe Ingredients Pokemon attracted
Ambrosia of Legends a la Cube A mixture of Mystical Shell and Rainbow Matter Rare / Legendary Pokemon
Blue Soda a la Cube 5 Bulk Berry / 5 Icy Rocks Blue Pokemon
Brain Food a la Cube 1x Apricorn / 1x Bulk Berry 2x Honey/ 1x Icy Rock / 2x Apricorn / 3x Bulk Berry Psychic-type Pokemon
Get Swole Syrup a ba Cube 2x Bulk Berry, 1x Honey, 2x Tiny Mushroom Fighting-type Pokemon
Grey Porridge a la Cube 5x Balm Mushrooms / 5x Fossils Grey Pokemon
Honey Nectar a la Cube 1x Bulky Berry, 3x Honey, 1x Rainbow Matter / 1x Apricorn, 2x Bulk Berry, 2x Honey Bug-type Pokemon
Hot Pot a la Cube 3x Balm Mushrooms, 2x Big Roots / 2x Bulk Berry, 3x Tiny Mushrooms Fire-type Pokemon
Light-as-Air Casserole a la Cube 2x Big Roots, 3x Icy Rock / 1x Big Root, 2x Fossils, 1x Icy Rock Flying-type Pokemon
Mouth-Watering Dip a la Cube 2x Bulk Berry, 2x Honey, 1x Icy Rock / 3x Bulk Berry, 2x Tiny Mushrooms Water-type Pokemon
Mud Pie a la Cube 3x Honey, 2x Icy Rocks / 2x Icy Rock, 3x Tiny Mushrooms Ground-type Pokemon
Mulligan Stew a la Cube Any 5 ingredients, but use 5x Rainbow Matter for best results. All types
Plain Crepe a la Cube 2x Balm Mushroom, 3x Honey / 2x Bulk Berry, 2x Fossils, 1x Honey Normal-type Pokemon
Red Stew a la Cube 5x Big Roots / 5x Tiny Mushroom Red Pokemon
Sludge Soup a la Cube 3x Balm Mushroom, 2x Tiny Mushroom Poison-type Pokemon
Stone Soup a la Cube 1x Fossil, 3x Icy Rock, 1x Rainbow Matter / 2x Apricorn, 2x Fossils, 1x Icy Rock Rock-type Pokemon
Veggie Smoothie a la Cube 2x Apricorn, 3x Big Roots / 3x Apricorn, 1x Big Root, 1x Tiny Mushroom / 1x Apricorn, 1x Balm Mushroom, 3x Big Roots Grass-type Pokemon
Watt a Risotto a la Cube 1x Balm Mushroom, 1x Big Root, 3x Honey / 1x Apricorn, 2x Honey, 2x Tiny Mushroom Electric-type Pokemon
Yellow Curry a la Cube 5x Apricorn / 5x Honey Yellow Pokemon

Pokemon Quest cooking pots

Before you start cooking or brewing your recipes in Pokemon Quest, you need to familiarise yourself with the concept of cooking pots. There are four different types of cooking pots available in the game and each of them offers its own benefits.

However, you should note that pots with higher benefits are only unlocked when you reach a certain level in the game. Having said that here’s a list of all the cooking pots in Pokemon Quest along with the requirements for you to cook using them.


Cooking Pot Requirement Level Requirement
Default cooking pot 3x of a particular ingredient 1
Bronze cooking pot 10x of a particular ingredient 20
Silver cooking pot 15x of a particular ingredient 40
Gold cooking pot 20x of a particular ingredient 70

All ingredients in Pokemon Quest

the island in Pokemon Quest
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Scavenge through the island in Pokemon Quest for all the ingredients that you need.

Although our list of recipes has all the accurate names of every ingredient, you can run into a bit of trouble decoding the recipes solely from their descriptions in Pokemon Quest.

For this reason, the list below will help you to understand what ingredients you’re going to need just by reading the terminology used in the game.

Ingredient Descriptions
Bulk Berry / Tiny Mushroom Soft and small
Big root / Balm Mushroom / Honey Soft and precious
Icy Rock Hard and precious
Apricorn / Fossil Hard and small
Rainbow Matter Precious ingredients (can be used as a substitute for any other ingredient)
Mystical Shell Special ingredient

What are recipes used for in Pokemon Quest?

Brewing various recipes in Pokemon Quest allows you to attract several wild Pokemon. However, you should note that the level of Pokemon you run into will depend heavily on the quality and level of the cooked recipe.

Having said that, the more Pokemon you attract, the quicker you will be able to upgrade your in-game level and evolve your Pokemons.


So there you have it, that’s all you need to know about brewing recipes and gathering ingredients in Pokemon Quest.

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