Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith revealed: Release date & cards for final SWSH set

Pokemon SwSh Crown Zenith TCG ExpansionThe Pokemon Company

The final Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield expansion set has been announced, offering fans a chance to celebrate the Galar region one last time via a stunning 70-card Galarian Gallery subset.

With Gen 9 now released, the Pokemon TCG is preparing to close the Sword & Shield chapter of the tabletop game to make way for Scarlet & Violet at the start of 2023. Sets have already been announced with Paldea sets starting in January of 2023.

Fans have had the opportunity to collect and play a stunning selection of V, VAMX, and VSTAR cards throughout the Gen 8 expansions, and one final set plans to send the Galar era off in style.

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The new expansion, called Crown Zenith, celebrates the Galar region with a selection of new cards, sets, and collections. Below is everything players need to know about the last Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield expansion set.

When will the Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith set release?

The final Sword & Shield expansion set will release worldwide on January 20, 2023.

The set will include a subset Galarian Gallery of 70 cards that will feature standard, V, VMAX, VSTAR, and Supporter cards. Like the Trainer Gallery cards of recent sets, these special editions will feature unique illustrations that highlight the best of the Galar region. Pokemon confirmed for this set include Mewtwo VSTAR, Darkrai VSTAR, and Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR.

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What cards will be in the Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith expansion

According to the Pokemon website, the Sword & Shield expansion set will include a number of cards for players to look forward to. Below is the expected card types based on current information.

  • 17 V Pokemon cards
  • 5 VMAX Pokemon cards
  • 8 VSTAR Pokemon cards
  • Zacian VSTAR and Zamazenta VSTAR
  • Radiant Charizard, Radiant Charjabug, and Radiant Eternatus
  • 70 Galarian Gallery illustration cards

Every set in the Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith expansion

Like previous special expansions, players will have a number of ways to collect and celebrate the Sword & Shield Crown Zenith expansion of the Pokemon TCG. Below are all the sets currently announced.

  • Crown Zenith Elite Trainer Box – January 20, 2023
  • Crown Zenith Collection – Regieleki V & Regidrago V – January 20, 2023
  • Crown Zenith Mini Tins – February 17, 2023
  • Crown Zenith Special Collection – Pikachu VMAX – February 17, 2023
  • Crown Zenith Tins – March 17, 2023
  • Crown Zenith Pin Collection – Rillaboom, Cinderace, Inteleon – April 2023
  • Crown Zenith Premium Playmat Collection – Morpeko V-Union – April 14, 2023
  • Crown Zenith Premium Figure Collection – Shiny Zacian & Zamazenta – May 5, 2023

With the information above, it appears fans will be able to enjoy Sword and Shield Pokemon TCG content until the late spring of 2023 before moving on to the Paldea region. While there are plenty of exciting adventures ahead for Pokemon fans, it will be wonderful to celebrate everything Gen 8 has to offer one last time.

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