Overwatch 2 players call for boycott over $20 “scam” skins

Jessica Filby
Legendary skins in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 players have been calling for a boycott over the price of both the Legendary skins and new cosmetics as a part of the new Halloween Terror event.

Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play title that comes as the predecessor to the successful Overwatch. However, along with its free-to-play nature, Blizzard introduced micro-transactions to allow players access to unique skins.

The price of these transactions has angered many players with certain fans calling for a boycott until something is done about the $20 skins.

Many are calling the price of recent skins a “scam” and an “aggressive anti-consumer micro-transaction” while calling for fellow players to boycott purchasing any of the Overwatch 2 skins until the prices are brought down.

Overwatch 2 halloween skins price

Legendary skins are the best you can get for your favorite Overwatch 2 character and often make them look great. To add more unique designs, Blizzard introduced new looks for three characters in their event, Halloween Terror.

However, such an introduction and the pricing of the Legendary skins have caused outrage among the Overwatch 2 community with many stating that “Halloween terror in overwatch this year has to be the biggest scam Blizzard ever made,” when referring to the prices of these new event skins.

Other fans remarked on Overwatch 1 and how “You used to be able to spend $20 and get 24 event loot boxes on top of the free loot box they gave at the start of the event” in contrast to the $20 for one skin like Junker Queen’s Executioner outfit.

The calls for a boycott were met with plenty of support, but some justified the price by explaining that when it comes to “a free-to-play model I think it’s fine to have more expensive skins” because the game needs to make money back through such transactions.

In return, one fan argued that the money they get for the skins is far from justified when multiple people buy the skin, stating that “if only a handful of people purchased them they’d be worth the current price, but thousands if not millions of players paying $20 for a single skin FAR EXCEEDS the costs to create the skin. We have every right to be outraged.”

Ultimately, despite the calls for a boycott, some players feel the “beautiful” skins are justified and are well worth the money, whereas others now refuse to purchase any of them.

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