Best Overwatch 2 tank heroes tier list: Most popular characters for current meta

Overwatch 2 Tank Tier ListBlizzard Entertainment

Who are the best tank heroes to play in Overwatch 2? Let’s take a look at what the players are doing.

Overwatch 2 has finally arrived, and with it come some big reworks and additions to the lineup of tanks players can choose from.

From Reinhardt to Winston to Orisa, now that Overwatch players have gotten the opportunity to try out all the new and changed heroes, the question is which ones have been performing.

To that end, we look to OP.GG to help us determine which heroes are thriving based on their pick rate, winning percentage, K/D ratio, and more.

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S Tier


OW2 ZaryaBlizzard Entertainment

Zarya got some changes to modernize her kit and design for Overwatch 2, but she remains one of the best tank heroes you can pick.

Thanks to these updates, she boasts a pick rate of nearly 8% as well as a win rate between 55 and 56%. Zarya has been thriving now that Overwatch 2 is live.

Junker Queen

Junker Queen Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

One of the most recent additions to the lineup of Overwatch heroes, Junker Queen has been the most-picked tank hero among pro players.

With constant healing in her kit, plus the ability to buff up her allies when they are hurting, it makes sense that Junker Queen is a staple of pro play and will be quite strong in competitive.

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OW2 ReinhardtBlizzard Entertainment

Another heavy shield tank unit who has gotten a bit of a facelift since the original Overwatch, Reinhardt is still dominating as the premiere shield tank in Overwatch 2.

Currently, Reinhardt’s win rate sits between 54 and 55%, despite the fact that she has the second-highest pick rate among tank heroes.

A Tier


Winston in Overwatch 2Activision Blizzard

Winston was one of the most stable tanks throughout Overwatch, always being somewhat playable and never getting nerfed.

It seems that old reliable is maintaining that moniker as Overwatch 2 launched, as he’s being picked a respectable 5% of the time. With a win rate over 53%, there’s no reason not to invest time into one of the premiere tanks in Overwatch.

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overwatch sigma animationActivision Blizzard

Having a team-wide shield is such an incredibly valuable ability for a tank to have, and Sigma can clutch fights with a well-timed barrier.

Adding insult to injury (or injury to insult), Sigma’s damage output is absurdly strong, particularly when enemies are forced to funnel into a tight corridor.

All of this combines to give Sigma a near-55% win rate with a respectable pick rate just over 4%. He’s definitely one of the strongest tanks in the game and deserving of being A tier.

B Tier


OW2 RoadhogBlizzard Entertainment

Roadhog got a tweak to his ultimate, which can no longer be canceled with stuns, and he got a little extra gas in his self-heal.

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Thanks to these changes, Roadhog is the third most-picked tank with a pick rate just over 5%. However, his mediocre win rate (just under 52%) keeps him from being in the A or S tiers.


Doomfist on Lijang towerBlizzard Entertainment

After being a menace as a DPS in Overwatch, Doomfist has been reworked and reclassified as a tank for Overwatch 2. But it looks like the fit isn’t quite working out.

With his combination of damage, crowd control, and damage reduction built into his kit, Doomfist doesn’t do one job particularly well. His near-52% win rate is respectable, but his 2.16 K/D ratio is one of the worst for tank heroes.

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dva ow2Blizzard Entertainment

She wasn’t changed drastically for Overwatch 2, but after her rework in the first game D.Va has remained a very strong tank, even if her DPS isn’t quite as scary as it once was.

However, D.Va has managed to rack up an impressive 4.74 K/D as of this writing, so it would seem her offensive demise was a bit exaggerated. On the flip side, her win rate is barely sniffing 52% and she’s got a sub-2% pick rate.

C Tier

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball comes in swinging still, rolling through the enemy with plenty of shields and disruption.

However, even though he had gotten some buffs before Overwatch 2 released his win rate is pitifully sitting between 50 and 51%. Not encouraging for a hamster getting picked less than 2% of the time.


Orisa spearBlizzard Entertainment

Orisa actually got a fairly significant rework ahead of Overwatch 2, now wielding a javelin that she can throw to pierce her enemies. She’s also an anti-projectile tank, with a good amount of crowd control to boot on her ultimate.

Unfortunately, none of those tools seem to have made her a particularly appealing tank option for players. Orisa is currently the least-picked tank (barely a 0.5% pick rate) and she actually is the only tank with a win rate under 50% and a K/D under 3.

It appears that, despite the changes, Orisa is still trying to finder her role in the tank lineup.