Best Overwatch 2 DPS tier list: Most popular characters for Season 10

Josh Tyler
OW2 DPS Tier List

Overwatch 2’s meta is constantly changing, and when it comes to the DPS line, there are a lot of Heroes to choose from. So we’ve put together the ultimate Overwatch 2 DPS tier list for Season 10.

Whether you’re a newbie, a casual player, or a seasoned veteran, this list is the ultimate guide to dominating the battlefield. So, let’s dive into our list of top-notch Overwatch 2 DPS heroes.

Based on the data available via Overbuff and how we’ve felt the meta play out, here is how different DPS heroes stack up to each other.


S Tier


Overwatch 2 Tracer in Pride Midtown map

Tracer’s usage surged with Season 9’s changes, and coming into Season 10, it shows no signs of stopping. Tracer still is a great mobile hero that can easily harass backlines, is deadly in dive comps, and overall a must-pick to mark an enemy Tracer.


Sojourn in OW2
Sojourn is one of the strongest heroes in the hands of a capable player.

Although lacking in the flanking department, Sojourn more than makes up for it in the damage side, being able to apply a lot of pressure with her railgun from afar, and with great mobility to peel and escape dives, it sees her at the top of the list.


OW2 Cassidy

In a season so dominated by Tracer and other heroes with high mobility like Lucio, a character that can stop them in their tracks and melt them down is perfect, which is where Cassidy comes in.

His Magnetic Grenade is an amazing counter to dive heroes, with his Fan the Hammer being a great deterrent for pesky flankers, and his ult is an incredible tool to gain space. If you aren’t playing Sojourn as your hitscan, Cassidy should our other pick.

A Tier


A screenshot featuring Ashe in Overwatch 2.

Ashe has also become a stronger pick thanks to the DPS passive. With her good levels of poke, Ashe is decent at slowly poking out heroes over time and even getting the occasional pick. Bob is still an excellent ultimate who can devastate teams if placed correctly as well.


A screenshot featuring Venture from Overwatch 2.

Arriving in Season 10, Venture feels right at home in the dive/brawl meta we see ourselves in. Although not as fast mobility-wise as other heroes, Venture still is a very potent DPS when it comes to eliminating squishes.


Overwatch 2 Sombra rework unveiled

Sombra has also massively benefitted from the changes in Season 9, and once again, hasn’t changed coming into Season 10. Her ability to pick off targets and cause a nuisance for your backline already sees her as one of the most valuable DPS’ to play.

B Tier

Soldier 76

soldier 76 pose in overwatch 2

Soldier 76 is similar to Sojourn, playing as a front-to-back DPS who deals good levels of damage. Alongside the benefits of the new DPS passive, Soldier 76’s projectiles became easier to land.


Although Echo is great at the high levels of play, to the majority of players she’s quite hard to pin down. her mobility is fantastic, and her damage is great, with a high-value ult as well in her copy. The problem with Echo is how hard she is to master, as in the hand of a great player she’s unstoppable, but with an unskilled user, she flounders.


Overwatch 2 Torbjorn

Torbjorn has always been a bit of a niche character in Overwatch 2. Even in Season 9 Torbjorn has been resistant to much of the changes around him. He’s still a good anti-dive character, which is decent in this meta, but a lot of his kit leaves things to be desired.


Mei in Overwatch 2

Like Torbjorn, Mei is resistant to much of the change around her. Much of her kit is still exactly the same, but she’s not performing quite as well in Season 9. Especially when there are so many better options available.


OW2 Widowmaker

Widowmaker is considerably stronger in Season 9 thanks to the increased projective size of her sniper rifle. With it, she’s able to reliably land headshots if her aim is good enough, making her already potent damage even higher.


overwatch 2 bastion redesign

Bastion is still an alright option in Season 9. Both his forms do great damage and his grenade is decent at dealing a burst of damage when needed. But he lacks the mobility that allows them to survive in this meta.


ow2 hanzo arrow hitbox

Hanzo is in general terms just a weaker version of Widowmaker. Without the capability to one-shot heroes in the mid-range, his kit just ends up being not super useful in the current meta.

C Tier


Pharah in Overwatch 2

Pharah’s rework set her on a decent path that lets her act more as a solo hero in Season 9. She didn’t benefit much from the DPS passive, but her increased mobility and agency let good players really shine on the flying hero.


overwatch 2 symmetra win header image
Symmetra just has far too low of an impact, even in Season 9.

Symmetra will always be one of the oddballs in Overwatch 2. Her primary fire is incredibly low range, with her clunky turrets and ultimate just making her a far less desirable character among the DPS roster.

D tier


Junkrat in Overwatch 2
Junkrat is just not the pick at the moment, and will likely not be for quite some time.

Easily the hero who suffered the most with the hero HP changes was Junkrat. Without his potential one-shot combo with his mines, he has quickly become one of the worst heroes in the game. Even before the changes, he was relatively weak, making him a pretty bad option to play. However, you can still pull off Junkrat, if you’re a dedicated one-trick that is.

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