Best Overwatch 2 DPS tier list: Most popular characters for current meta

OW2 DPS Tier ListOverwatch

Who are the best DPS heroes to play in Overwatch 2? Let’s take a look at what the players are doing.

With Overwatch 2 finally live and millions hopping back into Numbani and Route 66, the biggest question will be which hero are you going to be piloting?

Now that players have gotten an opportunity to play some matches in competitive, we have the opportunity to compare how they have been performing.

Thanks to the data via OP.GG, this tier list will differentiate between all the DPS heroes in Overwatch 2 based on their performance and how they fit into the current meta.

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S Tier


OW2 GenjiBlizzard Entertainment

To the chagrin of most Overwatch players, Genji has been the other most-picked DPS hero in competitive to start the new season. Hovering around a 53% win rate and a respectable 2.88 K/D, Genji has proven himself to be an extremely powerful hero.

With some quick dashes and an extremely powerful ultimate, Genji is going to wreak havoc…usually moreso if he’s on the enemy team.


Sojourn running in Overwatch 2Blizzard

The newest hero joining the game in Overwatch 2 is also one of the best DPS heroes in pro play according to her pick presence.

Sojourn plays very similar to Soldier 76 (particularly when you have enough energy to use her secondary fire type), but she is less of a hit-scan hero when she’s using her primary ammo. More accurate players who spammed Soldier, though, will likely be drawn to Sojourn when Overwatch 2 goes live.

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Soldier: 76

OW2 Soldier 76Blizzard Entertainment

As noted above, the expectation was that Soldier: 76 would lose a bit of his luster with the introduction of Sojourn. But where he beats Sojourn is in his ability to self-sustain, good mobility, and a high-value ult that is pretty hard to mess up.

As a result, Soldier: 76 has managed to put up decent numbers in his first few days in Overwatch 2 with a near-5% pick rate, 52-53% win rate, and a K/D over 3.

A Tier


OW2 AsheBlizzard Entertainment

With a win rate over 54% and a K/D ratio above 3, Ashe more than justifies being picked more often than she is now.

A big reason for her success is the ability to transition between mid and shorter-range duels, which allows her to be a strong, yet flexible, pick.

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OW2 TracerYouTube: Nintendo

Based on her performance in pro play, it seemed like a sure-fire bet that Tracer would dominate Overwatch 2 right out of the gates. Her slippery nature and ability to escape from most nasty situations not only makes her a devil to face in pro play, but it can help non-pro players get out of misplays.

That has not been the case, unfortunately. Tracer is currently struggling in comp play with a win rate barely over 50% and a decent 2.9 K/D. With a pick rate just above Widowmaker, you’d hope that Tracer would be a much stronger option than she seems to be.

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OW2 HanzoBlizzard Entertainment

A big problem for Hanzo is the fact that one of his main counters – Genji – is an S-tier pick at the moment. And with his high skill ceiling, Hanzo can be a bit of a tough hero to play.

However, Hanzo has still managed to perform at least decently after OW2 launched. He’s the fourth most-picked DPS hero and has a win rate around 53%. Neither are much to scoff at.

B Tier


OW2 ReaperTwitter: PlayOverwatch

With his contemporaries Sombra and Tracer disappointing at the start of Overwatch 2, you would expect Reaper to thrive with his ability to get backline access and blow the enemy up with his Death Blossom.

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Reaper has outperformed Tracer in terms of his win rate and time on fire, but he lags behind her in terms of pick rate and K/D. All-in-all, Reaper still hasn’t quite found his footing.


junkrat overwatch 2 design changesActivision Blizzard

There was a hope that Junkrat wouldn’t take over Overwatch 2 the same way he did the original. To be fair, that has proven to be somewhat accurate, as Junkrat only has a pick rate around 1%.

Unfortunately, the good news ends there as he also boasts a 55.4% win rate, which is one of the highest for any hero in Overwatch 2.


Overwatch 2 TorbjornBlizzard

Even though he’s rarely picked, Torbjorn boasts both the highest K/D and one of the highest win rates of any hero in OW2, let alone in the DPS role.

That said, Torbjorn has experienced some bugs that have probably propped up his stats a bit. These may be inflating his position and he may be weaker after the bug fixes.


OW2 WidowmakerBlizzard Entertainment

Widow is a situational pick for when you need that range advantage to deal with a lot of those hit-scan heroes (Soldier: 76 and Sojourn) that appear to be so strong.

However, because Widow is so focused on positioning, she can be extremely difficult to master. She doesn’t work on every map, and it takes a lot of practice to get maximum value out of her.

That’s borne out by the fact that she has barely a 2.5% pick rate, but a whopping 54.5% win rate at the moment.


OW2 CassidyBlizzard Entertainment

With a mini-rework from Overwatch (his Flashbang has been replaced with a Magnetic Grenade), that lack of utility seems to be hurting the cowboy.

He may be the second most-picked DPS hero in the game (just above a 6%) pick rate, but his win rate (currently 47.02%) is the worst of any hero in the game.


OW2 PharahBlizzard Entertainment

Also with a low pick rate (0.6% as of writing), Pharah is at least thriving in the games she does appear. With a 55-56% win rate and an average on fire time of over a minute, she does manage to dominate the games if someone is picking her. The only thing is, that almost never happens.

C Tier


Mei in Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Mei is a pure niche hero. She’s rarely picked (0.6% pick rate as of now) and doesn’t really move the needle in games where she is (50-51% win rate, K/D of about 2.8).

She can be fun in certain comps and dominate some specific map areas, but Mei is just not a hero who is going to be worth picking most of the time.


Echo as portrayed in Overwatch key art.Blizzard

A bit surprising to see her this low, but Echo is bottom five among all Overwatch 2 heroes in terms of pick rate, hovering around 0.5%. She also has a rather paltry win rate of between 50 and 51%.

With her ability to stretch maps vertically, but not being restricted to always be flying like Pharah, Echo should be a great counter to those DPS with less range like Genji and Reaper. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case.


symmetra uses ultimateBlizzard Entertainment

Symmetra is one of those cases of a low pick-rate hero just being unpopular, rather than plain bad.

Although her pick rate is only 0.5% right now, Symmetra also has the highest win rate in Overwatch 2 of 60.85% and a K/D over 3. This means that Symmetra is a hero who is probably rarely going to appear, but when she does it’s likely in the right spot and helmed by a competent player.


Sombra in OW2Blizzard Entertainment

Sombra was expected to be quite strong at the start of Overwatch 2, with her incredible ability to stealth into flanking positions that Tracer might not be. Her ability to hack health packs and her EMP also provides a great set up for a coordinated fight.

However, Sombra is the second least-picked hero in Overwatch 2 and, even worse, she has a sub-50% win rate in games she appears.


overwatch 2 bastion redesignBlizzard Entertainment

It’s a bit hard to judge Bastion’s power level given the bugs that have been affecting him. However, with a pick rate of just 0.2%, he is the least-picked hero in Overwatch at the moment and is now disabled.