Best Overwatch 2 support tier list: Most popular characters for current meta

Support Tier ListBlizzard Entertainment

Who are the best support heroes to play in Overwatch 2? Let’s take a look at what the players are doing.

Overwatch 2 has gone live, letting players new and old take return to the their favorite maps and heroes…or potentially discover some new ones.

After a week’s worth of play time, with some Overwatch players finally grinding up the ranked ladder, the meta has begun to take shape and certain heroes are standing out.

Based on the data available via OP.GG, here is how the different support heroes stack up to each other based on pick rate, win rate, time on fire, and average K/D (based on PC stats).

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S Tier


OW2 AnaBlizzard Entertainment

Ana has been the most-picked support hero in competitive play, thanks to her long range heals, crowd control on her Sleep Dart, and her ability to ramp up the team’s frontline with Nano Boost.

Her near 14% pick rate is not only the highest of all supports, it’s the highest of any hero in Overwatch 2. Despite being the most-picked hero in the game, Ana has a win rate over 54%, making her an incredibly consistent pick.


OW2 ZenyattaBlizzard Entertainment

Zenyatta may have been underrated going into Overwatch 2, as he’s got the second-highest pick rate of all support heroes (just under 5%) with a win rate between 54-55%. Both of these numbers are comparable to Ana, but Zen also has a slightly higher K/D ratio.

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He’s is still one of the best supports to play into tanks thanks to Orb of Discord debuff, but that is slightly less valuable as many of the tanks’ shields have gotten nerfed and there are fewer tanks in the game.

A Tier


OW2 LucioBlizzard Entertainment

He didn’t get many changes with the launch of Overwatch 2, but Lucio has remained a staple hero in Overwatch 2. With maps opening up thanks to it shifting to a 5v5 game, Lucio’s speed-up ability is incredibly valuable, as is his high healing abilities.

However, despite the fact that Lucio was constantly picked in professional play, he only has a 1-2% pick rate in competitive and a 53-54% win rate. Neither of those are drastically low, by any means, but they mean Lucio is not quite as potent as originally believed.

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OW2 BrigitteBlizzard Entertainment

After being one of the most frustrating heroes in Overwatch, Brigitte is back but with a bit of a more forgiving kit to face. Gone is her Shield Bash’s crowd control, replaced with some additional damage.

Despite these changes, Brigitte has thrived in Overwatch 2, with her current 54.76% win rate being the highest of all supports. However, her low pick rate and low K/D prevent her from reaching the S tier.


OW2 MercyBlizzard Entertainment

The epitome of the pocket healer, many players were worried that Mercy would struggle in a meta without other characters who want to use the verticality of maps to their advantage, like Pharah and Echo.

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However, players have consistently picked Mercy at a respectable rate (just under 3%) and she has a 54-55% win rate. However, her low rate of being on fire and abysmal K/D ratio (0.24) mean she can’t seriously be among the top-tier supports. But she’s definitely solid.

B Tier


OW2 BaptisteBlizzard Entertainment

In terms of the most niche support pick, Baptiste falls into this category. He gets picked a fair amount in pro play, but not enough to qualify as being considered solidly in the meta.

With buffs to his Regenerative Burst and Biotic Launcher, Baptiste thrives in clumped up fights where he can heal many allies at once.

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However, Baptiste has one of the lowest win rates among all supports, barely cracking the 52% win rate mark. None of his other stats are particularly impressive either, with a pick rate just over 2% and a 2.09 K/D.

C Tier


OW2 MoiraBlizzard Entertainment

With the worst pick rate and the worst win rate among all supports, Moira is really struggling in Overwatch 2. She is the only support hero with a sub-50% win rate, despite the fact that she’s picked less than 1.5% of the time.

She didn’t get many major changes to her kit ahead of Overwatch 2, but unfortunately she just seems to be in no-man’s-land where she doesn’t do anything so well as to justify being a consistent pick.