Best Overwatch 2 support tier list: Most popular characters for Season 2

Support Tier ListBlizzard Entertainment

Who are the best support heroes to play in Overwatch 2 now that Season 3 is live? Let’s take a look at what the players are doing.

Overwatch 2‘s Season 3 continues to roll on, but a new update in early March, bringing with it some significant buffs to Baptiste.

Long maligned at the bottom of the support rankings, did Baptiste buffs affect the rankings of the supports? Let’s see what the top players have been playing and how the priority in support heroes has changed.

Based on the data available via Overbuff, here is how the different support heroes stack up to each other based on pick rate, win rate, time on fire, and average K/D (based on PC stats).

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S Tier


OW2 MoiraBlizzard Entertainment

Moira’s win rate has dipped a bit over the course of the season, now barely below 50%. However, she does have a top-five pick rate among supports and the highest KDA (6.07) in the role.


overwatch 2 kiriko sukajan skin headerBlizzard

Just like Moira, Kiriko is thriving in this new season with a top-five pick rate and a top three KDA among supports, despite her sub-50% win rate.


OW2 ZenyattaBlizzard Entertainment

He’s not picked as often as Moira and Kiriko, but her win rate and KDAs are both in the top three for her role. Absolutely an under-the-radar-pick at the moment.

A Tier


OW2 LucioBlizzard Entertainment

He has the second-highest win rate among all supports along with a respectable (3.67%) pick rate. He misses out on the S tier just because his KDA is actually the lowest among all supports.

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OW2 AnaBlizzard Entertainment

Ana continues to be the most-picked support in Overwatch 2, despite the fact that her win rate is just above 48% and her KDA is middle-of-the-pack. That keeps her in the A tier, since her win rate is probably deflated by all the below-average players piloting her.


OW2 MercyBlizzard Entertainment

Same deal as Ana, as Mercy is the second most-picked support with a 48.6% win rate and a KDA just over 4. She’s good, but probably picked a hair too much.

B Tier


OW2 BrigitteBlizzard Entertainment

Brigitte still has the highest win rate of any support hero in Season 3 at 54.2% (down slightly since the start of the season). Her low pick rate and KDA continue to prevent her from being a contested support hero.

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C Tier


OW2 BaptisteBlizzard Entertainment

Despite the buffs, Baptiste still has the lowest win rate of all Overwatch supports, going along with the second-lowest pick rate. Hopefully, players will begin to pick him up a bit and potentially raise up his performance.