Shroud in shock as New World causes his PC to “explode” on stream

Shroud alogisde new PCTwitch: shroud/Unsplash

Twitch star Shroud had a bit of a scary tech issue when his stream dropped out unexpectedly as he revealed that his power supply had actually exploded while grinding New World.

No matter how big or small, every streamer has to deal with tech issues from time to time. Sometimes, your internet just won’t play ball and the stream may lag, other times your mic might not work, leaving the stream muted.

If it’s a big issue, streamers can get pretty annoyed, but if it can be sorted in a few minutes, it’s usually laughed off as a momentary slip-up that could be pretty funny.

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Sometimes, though, things are a little more serious as Shroud found out when his power supply decided to give up during his New World grinding session.

YouTube: Shroud
Shroud’s impressive previous FPS career has earned him the title of the FPS king.

The former CS:GO pro was almost six hours deep into his October 4 New World adventures when things come to a brief halt.

Shroud had been chatting to his pals and viewers about what he was going to do next when, all of sudden, his stream disconnected and was taken over by the standard Twitch error screen.

Given that’s usually reserved for the internet connection dropping or a wire slipping out of place, fans assumed he’d be back in a few seconds, but the error remained for a few minutes before Shroud returned with a brief, few seconds long stream.

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When he finally got everything sorted out, the Canadian revealed this his UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply – had actually blown up and caused the outage, which he actually thought was pretty cool.

“That was f**king crazy. I have never had a UPS explode like that before, that was crazy, that was cool,” he said, which caught his pals by surprise. “It scared the s**t out of me but it was cool.”

His temporary fix didn’t last too long, however, and his stream dropped out again, ending the broadcast for the night.

While some streamers may take days to get an issue like that resolved, you can bet Shroud will be back to full power before long.

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