Helldivers 2 fans bemused as players are slaughtered over loot for no reason

Eliana Bollati
An image of Helldivers 2 gameplay.

Helldivers 2 players are murdering each other over Samples and Super Credits, despite all loot in the game being shared equally. The baffling behavior has fans confused, with some claiming streamers are to blame.

Helldivers 2 exploded in popularity after it dropped on February 8. Of course, Super Earth‘s second deployment hasn’t all been smooth.

There was pressure placed on the servers by the massive concurrent player counts as well as login problems for PlayStation users. Plus, the usual assortment of amusing and irritating bugs expected with a game’s launch. But the latest gripe from the game’s fans isn’t a problem for the developers to fix — it’s a problem with the player base.

Players are killing other players, or kicking them from parties, over access to game resources. Multiple players have been sharing their unpleasant experiences of being booted or brutalized over rewards including Samples, Medals, and Super Credits.

A screenshot from the game Helldivers 2
It seems many players aren’t aware the game shares rewards between party members after each mission.

This is despite the fact that Helldivers 2 is a completely co-op game where loot is shared between all party members at the end of the mission. The inexplicable trend has frustrated plenty of fans.

“Stop killing your teammates thinking you have something they don’t,” reads one thread, marked with PSA flair in the game’s subreddit.

“How do people not know this?” said the top comment in a different thread about the exact same issue.

But others laid the blame at the feet of streamers. They claimed it was Helldivers 2’s popularity among streaming personalities that was bringing the glut of uninformed, and unintentionally bad-mannered players to the game.

A screenshot from the game Helldivers 2
Some seem to think Helldivers 2’s popularity with streamers is the root cause of the problem.

“I get it, I do; your favorite Destiny streamer is rebranding as a Helldivers 2 content creator. I’m glad you’re here,” one person said, before pleading with new players to “pay a little bit more attention”.

Regardless of whether or not streamers are to blame, the baffling behavior is still worth a PSA.