New World plummets on Twitch after release hype dies down

New World Bow & deerAmazon Game Studios

After taking over Twitch at release, New World’s viewership has decreased significantly on the platform as the hype around Amazon’s MMO begins to die down.

Massive MMO releases come once in a blue moon, so when Amazon Game Studios’ New World launched on September 28, it’s safe to say there was a lot of hype surrounding the game.

Peaking at over 900,000 concurrent players on Steam at launch, the community was desperate to jump into the world of Aeternum and start their adventure.

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Despite complaints about long queue times, the game’s overwhelming popularity was reflected on Twitch, with the title’s category holding the top spot on the platform for multiple days.

However, two weeks after launch, the initial excitement has begun to fade and the game’s viewership has taken a significant hit.

New World Landscape SwampAmazon Game Studios
New World peaked at over 900,000 concurrent players on Steam.

New World viewership drops on Twitch two weeks after release

Despite having an unbelievable start on Twitch, New World’s viewership has decreased significantly in the last seven days.

According to SullyGnome, New World’s average viewer count and hours watched has dropped by over 58% this past week.

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Not only that, the category’s peak viewer count reached 331,000, which is 66% lower than the 650,000 it hit in the previous week.

While these statistics showcase a decline in interest for Amazon’s new MMO, it was expected given the level of hype the title received at release.

New World character standing on treeAmazon Games
New World is still immensely popular, despite falling in viewership on Twitch.

Although those numbers certainly don’t present growth for New World on Twitch, it’s likely the viewer count stats will level out soon as the dedicated player base is established.

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With over 400,000 concurrent players still hopping on to play in mid-October, there’s certainly no reason to worry about the health of the game just yet.

However, Amazon Game Studios will need to roll out some new content in the near future to keep players interested and returning to the world of Aeternum.

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