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How to make Shears in Minecraft – Recipe guide

Published: 4/Oct/2021 18:11

by Jaret Kappelman


There are many different tools that can be used within Mojang’s sandbox title, but none are better at getting wool than Shears. Here’s how to make Shears in Minecraft.

Minecraft has been one of the top games since its release nearly a decade ago. With endless possibilities, there is always something new to achieve.

Through constant updates, it is constantly being revamped giving players more blocks, tools, and ways to play the game.


One tool that you’ll need for survival is Shears, as they can be extremely useful for collecting wool to craft a bed and other blocks.

Minecraft Coastal Village
Players are able to queue into various seeds that give them amazing biomes.

How to craft Shears in Minecraft

Crafting the tool is one of the easiest things to do in Minecraft, but it will require a bit of effort to get the material needed.

To make a Shear, players are going to need two Iron Ingots. Once you have those, you’ll then align them diagonally with one another.

Shear Minecraft Recipe
Shears can be used to collect tons of wool from sheep.

Although it is really simple, getting the Iron Ingots can be a bit challenging. To get the Iron, you need to head into the surface of the world and find Iron Ore. After mining it with a Stone Pickaxe or better, you’ll then need to place it in a furnace to get Iron Ingots.


What are Shears used for?

sheep minecraft
You’re more than likely going to have some sort of sheep farm in Minecraft at some point.

Shears can be used to collect wool from a sheep, leaves from a tree, cobwebs from caves, tall grass, and more.

While it can be used to get blocks, you can also use it to get food and seeds such as mushrooms, pumpkins, and honeycomb. The big thing with them is they do not break the block.

Now that you know the recipe for crafting a Shear, it’s best to get knowledge of some other important Minecraft crafting recipes, which we’ve listed down below.

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