Everything in MultiVersus Season 2: New characters, Game of Thrones map, more

Arya in MultiVersusWB Games

MultiVersus Season 2 brings even more new characters to the successful fighter along with a slew of gameplay changes and fresh content. We’ve put together everything there is to know about MultiVerusus Season 2.

The rise of MultiVersus has been one of 2022s greatest success stories. Warner Bros. Smash-inspired fighting game racked up more than 10 million players before it even left its beta phase.

Aside from its flashy combat, the biggest draw to MultiVersus is easily its varied cast of characters. The long-awaited release of Season 1 brought even more into the mix, with Rick and Morty joining alongside Black Adam, Stripe, and Gizmo.

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Now, Season 2 is already underway as developers rolled out a wide range of new content to keep the momentum going. From Marvin the Martian’s release to a new Game of Thrones map, here’s a full look at everything included.


MultiVersus Season 2 start date

MultiVersus Season 2 got underway on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. As expected due to the Season 1 end date, new content was deployed straight away after a brief stretch of downtime.

MultiVersus Season 2 new characters

While Season 1 introduced a number of exciting new characters, it’s yet unclear how many we can expect for Season 2. Though kicking things off right away is Marvin the Martian as the game’s first new fighter this season.

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Marvin doesn’t currently have a set release date, but we’re sure to learn plenty more soon so expect the roster to grow in just a matter of days.

Marvin the MartianWarner Bros.
Marvin the Martian is ready to zap his opponents on the way to victory in MultiVersus Season 2.

Since Warner Bros. has a huge number of properties to draw from, there have also been dozens of popular characters uncovered by dataminers and leaks including favorites from Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Stranger Things.

There have even been calls for Breaking Bad main character Walter White to show up, with a character artist on the game even responding by saying they’d like to see the iconic anti-hero join the fight.

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Any of these could easily make their debut in the next major update, or Player First Games could have someone else up their sleeves. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as MultiVersus Season 2 rolls on.

New content in MultiVersus Season 2

On top of a host of new characters, MultiVersus Season 2 also follows in the footsteps of the previous update by introducing a brand-new Battle Pass to grind through. This offers players a boatload of shiny cosmetics and skins to unlock.

MultiVersus Season 2 similarly came with a host of buffs and nerfs to the existing lineup of fighters, in an effort to make the game more balanced and to make room for the new characters.

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MultiVersus Game of Thrones mapWarner Bros. Games
Game of Thrones sets the stage for the latest MultiVersus map.

Furthermore, a new Game of Thrones-themed map also joined the mix with the launch of Season 2. Players can now battle in the iconic Iron Throne room, fighting to the bitter end in front of the imposing seat.

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