MultiVersus players campaign for Breaking Bad’s Walter White to be next fighter

Breaking Bad's Walter White in MultiVersusPlayer First Games/Geosyrup

Fans of MultiVersus and Breaking Bad have joined forces to get Walter White added to the game as an upcoming fighter.

MultiVersus, Warner Bros’ foray into the platformer fighter genre, has become a major hit with fans. Much like Smash Bros, the game features characters who you’d never expect to fight one another with Batman, Lebron James, Shaggy and the Iron Giant available just to name a few.

With seemingly no one off the table as a potential fighter and the possibilities not limited to video games like they are for Smash, some fans have made some wild new character suggestions.

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One of the most popular ones in the community, if not the most popular, is for Heisenberg himself, Walter White, to join the cast and cook up some mayhem.

Breaking Bad’s Walter White in MultiVersus?

A fan-made Twitter account with the goal of campaigning for Walter White to get added to MultiVersus has accumulated over 9000 (what, over 9000? There’s no way that can be right) followers and counting.

The account regularly posts artwork and other content featuring Mr White in the game and how he’d look and play. We gotta say, there are some fun ideas being thrown around.

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For instance, an icon created by Kuramarts shows how the science teacher turned drug lord could play in the game with some fun references from the TV show such as a pizza projectile, synthesizing items for teammates and chemistry-based attacks.

Another user, The_Nosty_Boy, created a template of a hypothetical moveset for Walter White showing how well he’d fit in with the rest of the cast, once again making good use of the hit show with moves like ‘Remote Machine Gun’ and ‘Makeshift Flyswatter.’

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One fan even found a render from artist Geosyrup that shows how the anti-hero could look like in the game with an assortment of skins representing some of the series’ five seasons while still keeping with the Bryan Cranston esthetic.

With so many fans pushing for Walter White to join MultiVersus, we can only hope that Player First Games hears the fans knocking, considers their request, and gets their lawyers on the phone with Saul Goodman to make a deal.

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