MultiVersus hits 10 million player milestone just three weeks into Beta

Eleni Thomas
MultiVersus 10 million players header image

Player First Games have already found great success with their new title Multiversus, with the game having already amassed 10 million players despite still being in its open beta.

MultiVersus has been among the biggest surprise hits of 2022. Since launching its open Beta three weeks ago, MultiVersus has amassed over 10 million players already. According to, the game has reached 10.4 million active players, an impressive feat for a game that isn’t even fully out yet.

While the game is being developed by industry newcomer Player First Games, they have the backing of a big publisher in Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Players from around the world are already hooked on the Super Smash Bros type beat ’em up, in large part due to the exciting and stacked selection of characters the game offers up. 

The game already includes some big DC comic characters like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. As well as this, iconic Cartoon Network characters like Finn and Jake from Adventure Time are also featured on the roster. Scooby Doo fans can even play as Shaggy and Velma.

MultiVersus 10 million players
Scooby Doo fans rejoice, Shaggy is one of the most popular characters in MultiVersus

What’s more, most of the characters on the roster are voiced by their original actors. A small detail but one that fans have given the devs big praise for. For those interested in the voice actors for MultiVersus, Dexerto has the full list here.

And while they haven’t been added just yet, fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Morty from Rick and Morty. In terms of established characters to bring to this game, Warner Bros have an almost endless list of beloved heroes and villains they can use to continue building this roster. 

There have been leaks that other big non-Warner Bros characters might be coming to the game, with Eleven from Stranger Things reportedly a future character coming to MultiVersus.

With already 10 million players trying out MultiVersus, who knows how big the game will get when Season 1 drops shortly. And with devs Player First Games committed to supporting their community and taking user feedback on board, this game could shape up to be one of the biggest for the year.

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