When are Rick and Morty coming to MultiVersus? Release date

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Rick and Morty appearing in MultiVersus

Rick and Morty are the next pair of DLC characters to be added to the MultiVersus roster, so here’s everything we know about them so far including their release dates.

MultiVersus has already won over fighting fans with its fast-paced and addictive gameplay. It also helps that there are loads of recognizable characters from Bugs Bunny to Game Of Thrones star Arya Stark.

That roster is only getting bigger, as Player First Games have confirmed that the next set of DLC characters will be Morty and Rick Sanchez from the beloved animated sci-fi show, Rick and Morty.

If you can’t wait to play as these two iconic characters, we’ve got details of Rick and Morty’s release date and class in MultiVersus right here.

MultiVersus roster with Rick and Morty
The MultiVersus roster grows with almost every major update.

MultiVersus Morty release date

Morty arrived as a playable fighter in MultiVersus on Tuesday, August 23, 2022. He crashed into the popular fighting game as part of the jam-packed 1.01 update.

This was just over a week after the beginning of Season One, so players had a chance to get familiar with all the latest buffs and nerfs before Morty came and offset the meta.

MultiVersus Rick Sanchez release date

There’s currently no release date for Rick Sanchez in MultiVersus, however, it appears his arrival is imminent. Having already been confirmed for Season One, we know he’s closeby, and a September 24 teaser from the official MultiVersus Twitter account teased his release is right around the corner.

There’s a good chance we see Rick launch in MultiVersus over the coming days but as always, we’ll keep this page updated as further information is announced.

What class are Rick and Morty in MultiVersus?

Morty is categorized under the Bruiser class in MultiVersus, which means he focuses on up-close-and-personal fights with decent maneuverability. He’s also classified as an Expert character, meaning he’s fairly tough to master.

Rick Sanchez is listed under the Mage/Ranged class in MultiVersus, which means he specializes in long-distance attacks with weapons. We don’t know his difficulty yet, but Mages are usually quite tricky.

That’s everything we know about Rick and Morty so far! While you’re here, check out our tier list for the best Multiversus characters as well as our roundup of all the voice actors that appear in the game.

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