Tower of Fantasy tier list: All Simulacra characters ranked

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An image of some of the characters featured in Tower of Fantasy.

Our Tower of Fantasy tier list will help you decide which ancient heroes are best to use on your MMORPG adventure. Knowing the best characters to use can greatly improve your experience in the action RPG as you traverse the Alien world of Aida, so we’ve got you covered.

Tower of Fantasy is a brand new MMORPG where players are tasked with saving what’s left of humankind after Earth has been evacuated in favor of Aida – a habitable alien planet. The game features a huge Sci-fi inspired open world to explore and a deep combat system to master.

One thing that sets the title apart from Genshin Impact is its character customization and the Simulacra systems. Players can create their own unique Wanderer at the start of their playthrough and then have the ability to access the special weapons and powers of ancient heroes known as Simulacra.

There are plenty of Simulacra characters to choose from at launch so we’ve put together a handy Tower of Fantasy tier list below. Whether you’re adventuring alone or with friends, this list will keep you informed when it comes to deciding which banners to pull on.

What are Simulacra characters in Tower of Fantasy?

An image of Tower of Fantasy characters looking over an open environment.
Tower of Fantasy features a huge open-world to explore.

Simulacra are powerful warriors of the past in Tower of Fantasy that have been preserved as AI. Once these characters are unlocked in-game, (which can be done through gameplay progression or using real-world money), you’ll have access to their abilities and can even modify your Wanderer to look exactly like them.

Each of these characters has a unique playstyle and weapons that vary from long-ranged, close-combat, and magic attacks. There are currently 18 playable characters in Tower of Fantasy, and we’ve ranked each of them below based on their unique weapon and combat abilities.

Tower of Fantasy tier list

S TierKing, Frigg, Samir, Crow & Nemisis
A TierZero, Tsubasa, Coco Ritter & Cobalt-B
B TierHuma, Shiro, Claudia, & Ene
C TierMeryl, Bai Ling & Pepper
D TierEcho & Hilda

Characters in Tower of Fantasy all have a primary resonance in combat – DPS, Support, and Defence – so while the game doesn’t feature a traditional class system, they could still theoretically be divided into attackers (DPS), healers (Support), and tanks (Defence.) With a wide attack range and an effective shield break, DPS King is easily one of the strongest S tier characters in the game, alongside the highly mobile Samir.

In terms of Defence, Huma is a great option thanks to having a very short skill cooldown and the ability to switch between offense and defense on the fly, while Coco Ritter is a great support character with the ability to create a healing zone that moves with the party, providing a constant HP buff for six seconds.

That’s our tier list of all the current Tower of Fantasy characters. Make sure to check back here regularly as we’ll update this list whenever a new character is released. For more Tower of Fantasy content, check out our guides below:

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