T3 Arena hero tier list: Best characters ranked (March 2023)

some heroes fighting in T3 ArenaXinDong Entertainment Pte Ltd

T3 Arena offers several characters to choose from and our tier list has everything you need to select the best hero for ranked mode in March 2023.

T3 Arena is a 3v3 fast-paced arena shooter that gives you an Overwatch-like experience on mobile devices. Developed by XD Entertainment, the game is now out for Android after being available on the App Store for a while.

Currently, there are over 25 characters in the game, and you need to spend hours in it to unlock all of them eventually.

However, the roster is fairly sizable so prioritizing the right heroes can give you a huge advantage in your matches. If you’re wondering which characters to choose in T3 Arena, then keep reading as our tier list has everything you need to know.

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an image of some heroes in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
T3 Arena has multiple heroes to choose from.

T3 Arena character tier list

On October 13, 2022, T3 Arena had a global launch along with Season 3, increasing the roster size to a total of 26 heroes at present in Season 5. The latest character that has joined the hero pool with the new season is Fade.

Since you have to grind to unlock all the characters in the game, it only makes sense to unlock the best ones first. In our tier list below, we have sorted all of these characters from S-tier to C-tier, helping you choose your characters easily.

TierCharacters (Heroes)
SChemist, Diggy, Gloria, Hua Ling, Iris, Labula, Victor
ACristina, Fade, Fort, Gatlyn, Judex, Mark, Ossas, Shell, Skadi, Vincent
BHunter, Johnny Jet, Ruby, Sindri, Zero-Kelvin
CAleta, Jabali, Kazama, Yaa

T3 Arena: S-Tier heroes


an image of Chemist in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Chemist can heal teammates in T3 Arena.
  • Active Ability: Rapid-shot
  • Passive Ability: Improved Compound
  • Ultimate Ability: Potent Trigger

Chemist is one of those characters who can both inflict damage and heal her teammates at the same time. She carries a biotic grenade launcher that allows her to do the same.

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While her Active ability can fire multiple grenades at once, her Ultimate ability can boost one of her teammate’s combat effectiveness for a short amount of time.


an image of Diggy in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Diggy is highly dangerous at close range.
  • Active Ability: Illusory Touch
  • Passive Ability: Particle Mending
  • Ultimate Ability: Illusory Blast

Diggy is all about firepower in T3 Arena. Her shotgun can deal an insane amount of damage in close-quarter combat and she also has the ability to turn into a shark!

While her Active ability transforms her into a shark, her Passive ability helps to regain back some of her lost health. Her Ultimate ability does the same with the bonus of extra damage inflicted and stunning her enemies at the same time.

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an image of Gloria in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Gloria can switch to her automatic shotgun for close-quarter combat.
  • Active Ability: ZMR Assault Rifle
  • Passive Ability: Dashing
  • Ultimate Ability: Quicksand Bomb

Gloria is one such character who is efficient in both close and long-range combat. Her ZMR Assault Rifle acts like a shotgun at close range while zooms in with 30 bullets when you try to take down an enemy from a distance.

Her passive ability gives her a movement boost and can be quite useful when chasing down opponents or running away from intense moments.

Hua Ling

an image of Hua Ling in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Hua Ling is very similar to Hanzo from Overwatch.
  • Active Ability: Snare Bomb
  • Passive Ability: Infrared Scan
  • Ultimate Ability: Blast Arrow

Introduced in Season 1, Hua Ling is the master of archery in the game. When she combines her Snare Bomb with Blast Arrow, it becomes almost impossible for the enemy to survive.


an image of Iris in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Iris can also heal teammates in the game.
  • Active Ability: Pie-Bot
  • Passive Ability: Med Sampling
  • Ultimate Ability: Healing Field

Iris’s abilities make her the ideal healer in the game. Her active and ultimate abilities deploy a healing drone that can help to restore the HP lost.

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Her passive ability makes knocked-out opponents drop health pickups. This can be crucial for her teammates when the fight gets intense and the healer is not nearby.


an image of Labula in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Labula possesses alien weaponry that shoots high-velocity explosive spores.
  • Active Ability: Bouncy Spores
  • Passive Ability: Charging Barrier
  • Ultimate Ability: Coral Blast

Labula is one such character in the game who can take down an enemy almost in an instant. His Bouncy Spores inflict a good amount of damage when hit, both in close and long-range fights. His ultimate deploys a non-moving clone but can double down on the damage where Labula is aiming at.


an image of Victor in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Victor has a powerful shotgun that is highly dangerous up close.
  • Active Ability: Tackle Charge
  • Passive Ability: Speed Loading
  • Ultimate Ability: M.G.P

Victo, using his powerful shotgun, hits heavy in the game. He has a whopping 5500 HP count and can prove to be a nightmare when going head-to-head against the enemy team.

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T3 Arena: A-Tier heroes


an image of Cristina in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Cristina has a grenade launcher that fires bouncy projectiles.
  • Active Ability: Sticky Bomb
  • Passive Ability: Incendiary Casing
  • Ultimate Ability: Cluster Grenade

Cristina carries a grenade launcher that shoots projectiles, much like Junkrat from Overwatch. These projectiles can deal some severe damage when hit, which means the accuracy needs to be very precise.


Fade in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Fade was introduced with Season 5 in March 2023.
  • Active Ability: Plunder Rush
  • Passive Ability: C-Conversion
  • Ultimate Ability: Atom Fade

Fade is the 26th hero in T3 Arena and his main weapon, Quantum Cannon, can deal massive damage to opponents in close range. His active ability allows him to dash forward aggressively, and if an opponent gets stuck along the way, they get damaged heavily and also become immobile for a moment.


an image of Fort in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Fort is also known as the Ironclad Juggernaut in the game.
  • Active Ability: Antimatter Barrier
  • Passive Ability: Impact Shield
  • Ultimate Ability: Gravity Swirl

Fort is the antimatter king as his primary weapon can shoot four missiles that can stick to surfaces. He can also act like a tank as his active ability brings out a deployable barrier that can stop the incoming fire.

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an image of Gatlyn in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Gatlyn has a machine gun with a high rate of fire.
  • Active Ability: ÜberCharge
  • Passive Ability: Force Field
  • Ultimate Ability: Crippling Rounds

Gatlyn is quite versatile when it comes to her usage of weapons in the game. Her XM2140 Rotary Gun shoots at a very high rate, while her active ability wraps her with a shield to minimize damage intake.


an image of Judex in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Judex lever-action rifle excels in mid-to-long-range gunfights.
  • Active Ability: FS-105 Stunner
  • Passive Ability: Dragonbreath Bomb
  • Ultimate Ability: Tenacity

Judex is a fierce heroine in T3 Arena, rocking a powerful lever-action rifle. This rifle is effective in both mid-to-long range gunfights and when combined with her FS-105 Stunner, enemies get blinded and don’t get to stand a chance against her.


an image of Mark in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Mark’s passive ability slowly restores HP.
  • Active Ability: Seeker Rocket
  • Passive Ability: Proximity Sensor
  • Ultimate Ability: Battle-Hardened

After serving in the military, Mark has now taken the responsibility of dealing with the agitators in T3 Arena. His auto rifle is efficient at both mid-to-close range gunfights and his passive ability can restore his lost health after disengaging.

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an image of Ossas in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Ossas’s sniper rifle can be charged to inflict increased damage.
  • Active Ability: Shadowfall
  • Passive Ability: Whispers in the Night
  • Ultimate Ability: Dark Surge

The only thing that you should avoid against Ossas is peeking! Being the only sniper in the game, his rifle can one-shot most enemies when fully charged. The only reason that puts him in this tier instead of S is that his learning curve is relatively steeper when compared to the rest of the characters.


an image of Shell in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Each hit of Shell’s passive ability restores HP.
  • Active Ability: Shadow-Walk
  • Passive Ability: Energy Resonance
  • Ultimate Ability: Dimension Rift

Shell is more like an all-rounder in the game. She can deal damage and restore her lost HP with each hit, thanks to her passive ability.

While she has activated her Shadow-Walk, she becomes invincible for a short period of time, much like Reaper’s ‘Wraith Form’ from Overwatch.

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an image of Skadi in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Skadi’s passive ability gets a damage boost after three rounds.
  • Active Ability: Dub-STOP
  • Passive Ability: Amped-Shot
  • Ultimate Ability: Rock Blast

Skadi rocks a large-caliber pistol that is capable of melting down opponents from a distance. Her abilities mostly deal with sonic waves that can be used as surprise attacks when situations get intense.


vincent in t3 arenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Vincent can become invisible for a while.
  • Active Ability: Mater of Disguise
  • Passive Ability: Opportunistic
  • Ultimate Ability: Optimal Cloaking

Vincent is a pistol expert in T3 Arena. His active ability allows him to take the form of an opponent while his ultimate ability makes him invisible for a short time.

T3 Arena: B-Tier heroes


an image of Hunter in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Hunter’s Active ability throws a device that detects nearby opponents.
  • Active Ability: Flare Round
  • Passive Ability: Charged Shot
  • Ultimate Ability: Rotation Runner

Unlike the S-tier and A-tier characters, Hunter is quite situational. His primary weapon is a 3-round burst assault rifle while his abilities provide a speed boost and increase damage.

Johnny Jet

an image of Johnny Jet in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Johnny Jet’s Ultimate ability deploys a device that can slow down opponents within its range.
  • Active Ability: Veil of Chaos
  • Passive Ability: Blending-in
  • Ultimate Ability: Jet-Stim

Johnny Jet is mostly viable in close-quarter combats as his rapid-firing spray gun will trigger a critical hit only on multiple successful hits. His active ability can make him invisible and also recover HP while his passive ability gives a speed boost.

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an image of Ruby in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Ruby can launch powerful tracking projectiles in 3-round bursts.
  • Active Ability: Mystic Shields
  • Passive Ability: Reflux Barrier
  • Ultimate Ability: Seeker Bolt

The reason Ruby is in this tier is that she is quite difficult to master. She fires three light bolts in a horizontal line and her activity ability brings out a three-piece barrier that moves forward.


an image of Sindri in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Sindri can fire three flying and exploding projectiles at a time.
  • Active Ability: Rage Ball: Deploy
  • Passive Ability: Rage Ball: Assist
  • Ultimate Ability: Rage Ball: Upgrade

Sindri’s Plasma Drill has the ability to fire three flying and exploding projectiles at a time. Her active ability deploys a Rage Ball that automatically starts to fire at enemies. It also helps to restore HP over time while her passive ability gains a temporary shield upon retrieving it.


zero-kelvin in t3 arenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Zero-Kelvin has a portable blizzard launcher.
  • Active Ability: Snowball
  • Passive Ability: Icy Healing
  • Ultimate Ability: Snowballing Effect

Zero-Kelvin is a tank in the game, carrying a portable blizzard launcher. His active ability summons a snowball that can block damage and you can make it roll forward with the hockey stick and inflict damage.

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His passive ability restores HP while his ultimate ability summons three snowballs that can bounce off and inflict damage multiple times.

T3 Arena: C-Tier heroes


an image of Aleta in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Aleta has dual-wielding auto pistols.
  • Active Ability: Holo-Dash
  • Passive Ability: Duble-Jumper
  • Ultimate Ability: Decoy-Bomb

Aleta is very similar to Tracer from Overwatch, She has dual-wielded pistols and can dash fast but comes at a cost of inaccuracy.


an image of Jabali in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Jabali is quite hard to take down in matches.
  • Active Ability: Energy Barrier
  • Passive Ability: Electro-Feedback
  • Ultimate Ability: Arc Storm

Jabali is more of a tank in this game as he boasts a massive 7000 HP count along with an active shield that can block any attack from the enemy team. However, this comes at a cost of slowed movement speed.


an image of Kazama in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Kazama boasts a rocket launcher in T3 Arena.
  • Active Ability: Flight Mode
  • Passive Ability: Munition Pack
  • Ultimate Ability: Cannonball Dive

Kazama’s rocket launcher can explode enemies on impact while also having the ability to hover in the air for a short while. His passive ability helps to restock one round to his weapon upon hitting opponents.

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an image of Yaa in T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Yaa’s Passive ability gives her a shield for three seconds after dashing through an opponent.
  • Active Ability: Windshift
  • Passive Ability: Stormward
  • Ultimate Ability: Breezeblast

Yaa is swift and flows like the wind while shooting down enemies using her wind-energy pistol. Her active ability helps her to dash forward and escape intense gunfights, while her passive ability gives her a temporary shield for three seconds after dashing.

So, there you have it — that’s our T3 Arena tier list with all the best characters you should be using. If you are interested in more mobile games, be sure to check our other guides and tier lists:

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