Is Tower of Fantasy pay to win? P2W microtransactions explained

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Is Tower of Fantasy pay to win? Or can you play through the game without spending any money? Well, you can find out the answer to these questions right here. 

Tower of Fantasy is the latest gacha game that is proving incredibly popular amongst anime and Genshin Impact fans alike. However, those looking to delve into the vibrant world of Aida will be wondering whether Tower of Fantasy is pay to win. 

After all, it’s good to know whether you’ll be parting with your hard-earned money in order to get hold of the game’s best Simulacra characters. So, if you’re new to anime gacha games or just wish to know whether Tower of Fantasy is pay to win, then we have outlined everything you need to know. 

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Is Tower of Fantasy pay to win? 

Tower of Fantasy is not pay to win in the traditional sense of the word, as players can play through all the game’s content for free. However, Wanderers looking to increase their chances of obtaining the rarest SSR characters like Nemesis will likely want to spend some money to get some extra pulls on the game’s banners

For example, the game’s standard banner (Weapons Galore) has a 0.75% chance of dropping SR and SSR weapons. While Tower of Fantasy currently guarantees one SR item after every 10 pulls, and one SSR item every 80 pulls – the odds of obtaining the character you want can be fairly slim. 

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As a result, Wanderers may be inclined to part with some money in order to ensure they get the unit they want. Aside from the game’s banners, there’s also a Battle Pass that can be leveled up for free or quickly advanced by spending money. 

Tower of Fantasy charactersHotta Studio
Tower of Fantasy has both free-to-play and paid elements.

Lastly, Tower of Fantasy’s Vitality system directly impacts your ability to do certain things in the game. If you run out of Vitality, then you won’t be able to take part in activities like PVE content. You can either wait for more Vitality to accumulate over time or you can spend real money to instantly refresh it.

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This is very similar to Genshin Impact’s controversial Resin system, which also locked certain content behind this resource. While Tower of Fantasy may not be completely pay to win, it certainly has a lot of features that can increase your chances of getting powerful characters and even save you a lot of time.

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