Tower of Fantasy banners: What are the current standard and limited banners?

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An official image of Tower of Fantasy art featuring Nemesis who is in the current banner.Perfect World

Tower of Fantasy features a gacha system called Special Orders. These unique banners give players the opportunity to get their hands on some of the game’s best weapons – here’s everything you need to know about the current Tower of Fantasy banners.

The newly released free-to-play MMORPG Tower of Fantasy, like most gacha games, includes a rotating banner system that players will have to use if they want to obtain the game’s most powerful weapons. These Special Order pulls feature weapons and upgrade materials of all three rarities – R, SR, and SSR.

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Pulling those rare SSR weapons will be especially handy if you’re looking to add more Simulacra characters to your roster – as obtaining a hero’s weapon in Tower of Fantasy will also unlock their character skin and abilities.

You can find all the information about the current and upcoming Special Orders below.

What are the current standard Tower of Fantasy banners?

Tower of Fantasy features three standard Special Orders that are always active at the same time. These are permanent fixtures that let players draw non-limited items. They are comprised of two Choice Weapon banners and one Choice Matrices banner.

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Weapons Galore (Black)

An image of the current black weapons choice banner in Tower of Fantasy.This is the current Black Weapons Choice banner.

The Black Nucleus Weapon banner is the most basic banner Tower of Fantasy has to offer. Players can spend one Black Nucleus per pull. Every Simulacra character in the game is possible to draw, as well as a handful of R weapons and upgrade materials.

Unlike the rest of the in-game banners, the basic banner relies purely on luck so while there’s still a chance to draw a rare weapon, there’s no guarantee no matter how many pulls you make. Regardless, with the amount of Black Nucleus’ you can find by simply playing the game, there’s a good possibility you’ll get some decent draws out of it over time.

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Weapons Galore (Gold)

An image of the current gold weapon choice Tower of Fantasy banner.Perfect World
This is the current Gold Weapon Choice banner.

The Gold Nucleus acts as the game’s standard banner. The drops are significantly better than the basic banner due to the fact that the currency is more difficult to find. This Special Order operates on a Pity System much like the one found in Genshin Impact, in which you are guaranteed to get an SSR rarity item after a certain number of pulls.

Tower of Fantasy currently guarantees one SR item after every 10 pulls, and one SSR item every 80 pulls. We’ve included the probability of pulling specific weapon rarities on the standard banner in the table below.

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SSR Weapons0.75%
SR Weapons0.75%
R Weapons91.4%
High-Efficiency Energy Battery6.85%

Choice Matrices

The choice matrices banner.Perfect World
The Choice Matrices banner is great for obtaining weapon enhancements.

The Choice Matrices banner is very similar to the other standard banners except players obtain Matrices – materials that can be used to enhance and upgrade their weapons. It also has a pity system in place which means players will always obtain an SSR matrix within 40 pulls.

The probability of pulling each Matrix rarity on this banner is listed in the table below.

SSR Matrix1.7%
SR Matrix7.5%
R Matrix90.8%

What is the current limited Tower of Fantasy banner?

The current limited banner in Tower of Fantasy.Perfect World
Frigg has made her Tower of Fantasy debut on the current limited banner.

Alongside the standard banners, Tower of Fantasy also runs a limited banner. The current limited Special Order is the Angel’s Guidance banner that features the SSR weapon Balmung, and the new character Frigg who will be unlocked if her weapon is obtained.

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Limited banners can only be pulled on using the special Red Nucleus currency. The pity system on this banner guarantees that players will obtain an SR weapon or higher at least once every 10 pulls.

The Angel’s Guidance banner is set to run until September 20, 2022, so Wanderers still have plenty of time if they want to obtain Frigg and her signature weapon.

That’s everything you need to know about the current Tower of Fantasy banners. Be sure to check back regularly as we’ll be updating this page whenever new banners are announced.

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