Moving Out 2: Everything we know so far

Andrew Highton
moving out 2 cover art

Moving Out 2 is looking to expand on the manic moving theatrics of the first game with wackier levels and even more cohesive co-op.

Couch co-op isn’t quite as hot as it once was thanks to the dominance of online multiplayer and the vast single-player worlds now possible, but local co-op is anything but dead — and Moving Out 2 is looking to prove this once again.

You could argue that games such as Moving Out are actually better enjoyed with another player and the upcoming sequel, Moving Out 2, is looking to capitalize on this notion.

We know a decent bit of information about the upcoming title, so let’s dive into the game!


Does Moving Out 2 have a release date?

Neither of the game’s devs, DevM Games and SMG Studio, have been able to slap a proper date to look forward to for Moving Out 2, however, they’ve given a general 2023 window for the time being.

Moving Out 2 new features

F.A.R.T.S will be assembling once more to shift a bunch of couches, lamps, and various other objects that will no doubt cause a lot of damage.

As well as returning gameplay elements, we know that one of the game’s dazzling new directions is online play as players will now be able to team up with movers via online multiplayer.

Moving Out 2 trailers

Thus far, we’ve just had the one trailer for Moving Out 2 – the official announcement trailer showing off the game’s features and various changes from the first game.

Do we know which platforms Moving Out 2 will be on?

The game’s debut trailer also coincided with information about the game’s release platforms, and they will include the following: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

This will be good news for anyone wanting to play Moving Out 2 as the game will be available on all major platforms on day one.

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